Some time ago the London Science Museum launched some fun-statistics about clothing and their actual worth.

The statistics were published in a report to support its Trash Fashion: Designing Out Waste exhibition. 3000 women were asked everything about their wardrobes and because of this scientists have worked out that the cost-per-wear ratio (dividing the cost of clothing by the number of times it is worn) is lower for jeans than any other item, apart from basic underwear and T-shirts.

According to their calculations, the typical pair, which cost around £40, is worn about 428 times, which would be just 9p a time.

To compare: a pair of leggings, which cost about £10, will be worn about 68 times, which would be 15p per wear.

A t-shirt/top would be 8p per 218 wears

And coats and jackets would be 10p per 575 wears

Well, I think we just got ourselves the best excuse to buy jeans from now on!

Only if you promise to wear them for a long time! But they get better with age and if you buy them from a sustainable brand like Kuyichi, you can’t go wrong!

See below OYL contributors Marius & Lonneke in an old campaign for Kuyichi jeans in 2010.