The earth consists of 70 % water. Your body weight is between 45% and 75% water: you need it to live. It hydrates cells, lungs, and thins blood. Because of water having this important role in the body, It is important to make sure you do not get dehydrated.

In these times, everybody seems to be always running around, running on coffee. Coffee actually dehydrates your body, just like flying, breathing, sweating and alcohol.

It is important to drink between 4-8 glasses of water a day and also food that consists of a lot of water, like fruits and vegetables. Soda and tea also do not count for water. Water can heal, even the worst hangovers can get better with a few glasses of water, since this replenishes the cells which alcohol has dried out. Keep a bottle of water around you at all times, and drink from it regularly.

I usually start the day with a big glass of (hot) water with some lemon juice. This cleanses the toxins out of your insides and your skin. Skin looks much better when drinking a lot of water. And as another plus, drinking water makes you fill up and prevents overeating. So a lot of good stories about water, something we should care about.

Clean drinking water is our most precious asset! It is more valuable than jewelry, money or other assets. And we should all care about it like it is. That means care for our drinking water supplies, and trying to get as many people to have access to clean drinking water. Because once we lose drinking water to pollution, fracking or other manmade mistakes, there is not a way back. Again: water is essential to life on Earth.

Love, Lonneke