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Waste Land

One of the most awe-inspiring documentaries of the year 2010, “Waste Land” captures an artist’s quest to find a balance between art and the transformative power of giving.

Vik Muniz, a man of vision and extraoridinary talent sets out to visit the world’s largest dumpster, Jardim Gramacho in Brazil, to capture the essence and life of its working people, the “catadores” (“self-designated pickers of recyclable materials”).

In this moving and thought-provoking documentary, Muniz brings us up-close and personal with some of Gramacho’s most intriguing characters. Not fully knowing what to do, Muniz ends up taking beautiful photographs of the Catadores, and together with their help, turns them into stunning, larger than life replicas made out of garbage.

A beautiful alchemy takes place between the people of Gramacho, the artist Vik Muniz, and the vision they all help bring to life.

Muniz’s final act is to auction the works of art and donate all the proceeds to the people who call Gramacho home.

Waste Land has won numerous awards including the “Human Rights Film Award” by Amnesty International and The Sundance Film Award of 2010. A must see!

YouTube – Official Trailer

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