Hey guys! I’m back after a looong time after hurricane Sandy damages …

There was a time when I did take electricity and warm water for granted. Not anymore, lesson learned. But these are subjects for a whole new post, gonna let you all know how I handled things.

Now I wanna share with you the winner recipe from my previous post : the SOUP. Me and my boyfriend had been eating soups almost every night since the fall season arrived, and there is a very large variety of recipes we’ve been improving.

One of the best is brocolis/corn, even though I love buttersquash/carrots and cauliflower/chedar cheese. So I’m gonna give all the recipes and you can choose your favorite!

I use the same preparation technique to all of them, so it’s very easy you just have to use different ingredients in each one.

So first of all, you need to boil the vegetables, 3 garlic cloves and half onion in filtered water for about 15-18 minutes. Once it’s done, drain the water reserving it ( cause it’s full of minerals and vitamins) and let vegetables coll it down a little. Put it in a blender and add 2 cups of the reserved boiled water. Blend it well. I like to add a litlle crunchy element in the soups, so it could be aspargus, corn or splitpeas – they all work really well! So I boil it separately and after they are sautee in coconut oil, I add it to my mixture on a big pan and let it heat. And… DONE! Easy like this.

You can follow my steps through the pictures above.

All ingredients used on the Brocolis/ Corn soup
Boil it for 15-18 minutes
Blend it !
Prepare the crunchy element in a different pan - i use coconut oil for it.
Maybe the texture looks good for you, if not add a little bit of the water used for boiling
...and DONE!
Another GREAT one: Butter Squash/carrot soup
Boil it!
Done! delicious... I used a bit of nutmeg on this recipe
Cauliflower/carrot ingredients ( you can use mild chedar for extra flavor)
Aspargus is responsable for the crunchiness in this one
I use coconut oil for sautee a little adding salt and pepper
If you opted for the chedar version, add it while heating up the soup at the moment its already warm, so the cheese will just melt.



xo Carol