There are so many ways to grow your own herbs and vegetables! Even if you have a small balcony there are ways to incorporate growing fresh herbs into your life.

Start a vertical garden

b1383ccbb69b02d8ae962db7ec8f32c3A great way is a vertical garden or green wall which fits into even the smallest space. You can make one indoor or outdoor, depending on what plants you use, as some are growing better indoors and others grow better outdoors.

You have different sizes of wall grow bags, that you can find at your local gardening center or even some florists have them as well. There are ones with just 4 pockets, and some that have a whole wall covered! Prices differ depending what you want; if you want an automatic irrigation added that is of course more expensive. I prefer to water the plants myself every day so I know how the plant is doing.

Plants on walls

There are people that have created art with them, covering houses with the most beautiful plants, like the people from Plants on Walls.

Hang them, put your favorite herbs and plants in them with some extra soil, water them daily, and you have your own mini garden. You can even add herbs like basil, thyme, mint & oregano. It is a great eco friendly solution to grow your own herbs!

What’s next? Growing your own organic vegetables! woohoo!

Love, Lonneke