Now I got my new Le Creuset Pans, I want to cook!

I went to the Farmer’s Market at Union Square NYC (every Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and bought all vegetables that are in season. I found a lot of greens like kale and collard greens, squash and leeks, and I bought them from the organic farmer stands. I also found fresh organic tofu!

At home I made the following soup:

Tofu,leek and baby bokchoy soup.

So you need the following:

*A stockpot

*1 liter of water

* One organic vegetable bouillon cube

*a piece of tofu

* 2 or 3 pieces of leeks depending on size

* Daikon (healthy japanese radish)

* Pepper & Salt

*and the secret ingredient? TOASTED SESAME OIL, that I bought at Sur La Table. (but you can buy it at other places as well). There is also an organic non toasted sesame oil.

I learnt  from Ross, editor at Organice Your Life, that Sesame Oil is great to season soups.

You cut everything into pieces and put the soup to boil.

When it boils turn it low and let it sit for 30 min.

Serve preferably in a big bowl with japanese spoon!