You may not see a connection between these two right away so let me explain!


Cranberries have a very wintery image. They are used in compotes for the Thanksgiving meals, and in other winter warming dishes. But did you know the juice of the cranberry is very good for you not only for the high antioxidants? The pure juice is very sour and bitter if not sweetened. But this juice has special properties and that’s why doctor’s recommend it sometimes to take it, as a preventive supplement, or in liquid form of a juice.


Cranberries are supposed to help you prevent getting a urinary tract infection (UTI) or help you get rid of it.

What is an UTI ( Urinary Tract Infection)?

This is an infection in the bladder, caused by bacteria. You feel like you have to pee the whole time, and when you do, you get a burning, very uncomfortable sensation “down there”. There are many ways you can get it, not only from being “Unclean”. For more information on Urinary Tract Infection go here.

For women:

My tips to prevent/help get rid of an UTI:

  • Pee right after sex to make sure all bacteria stay out of the urinary tract.
  • Shower right after sex (and peeing)
  • Drink enough water during the day to flush out toxins and bacteria.
  • Take a rest when you get an UTI so your body can fight the infection.

To me a UTI is the most annoying and painful thing I have (so far) ever experienced. I probably experienced a bad one I must say, but I have broken bones in my life and nothing beats the pain I had from an UTI. So I like to believe eating cranberries can help prevent it from ever happening again.

There is a study that I found on now that says there is actually no difference in people taking cranberry juice compared to women with a bladder infection taking a placebo, you can read it here. This study also states:

“Urinary tract infection (UTI) is one of the most commonly acquired bacterial infections in ambulatory and hospitalized populations. Approximately 11% of all women aged ≥18 years in the United States have a UTI each year. The incidence of UTI is highest among women aged 18–24 years, approaching 1 of 5 infections per year [1]. Although the risk of bladder UTI (cystitis) progression to pyelonephritis is negligible among otherwise healthy women, cystitis has a propensity to recur. Among otherwise healthy women aged 18–39, the 6-month risk of recurrence following a first UTI is 24% [2]. Approximately 5% of women with an initial UTI have multiple episodes within a year. Major risk factors for UTI among women aged 18–39 years are engaging in sexual intercourse and having a history of UTI.”

And men don’t feel left out: You also have a chance of getting an UTI. Even though you have a smaller chance getting an UTI than a woman, you still have a chance, and the same thing: preventing it is better than treating it. I found a nice article on with a picture showing how and where this UTI develops. Also if you know your partner frequently gets UTI’s, you can do little things to help this from happening. This article also states those tips.

I really think cranberry juice helps me though. I feel really good when I eat them! But if you are lucky to not get UTI’s, there are other ways to incorporate cranberries in your life:

Cranberries, when sweetened are a nice additive to salads and in other recipes to add a bit of sweetness and a nice taste. Try it yourself!  And what about a Vodka-Cranberry like a Cosmopolitan?

So I think that Cranberries can save your day (or Night!)

Love, Lonneke