If you are going on vacation this year, which is a bit more difficult considering Covid-19, there is a lot to arrange or to think about. What to bring? What to wear? How can I get my suitcase to close? A lot of things you need to do!

Things you should check before you go

Using the OYL Circle of Five:

1. Organice Your Home

  • Arrange for your house to be taken care of when you leave. Or at least let your neighbors know when you are away. This way they can keep an eye on your property.
  • Security of your home while you are gone: Besides having people watch your home, you can also set timers for curtains to open or close, or lights to go off and on, so it looks like you are still home.
  • If you need to have an extra key made, or have mail checked, arrange accordingly.


2. Organice Your Agenda

  • Are you welcome in the country you are traveling to? Some countries have temporary bans installed for certain citizens.
  • Make a to- do list of everything you need to do before you travel, or things you need to take with you on vacation.
  • Check hotel, airport and travel agent along the preparation  to see if everything is going as planned.
  • Identity cards: Do you need a passport? Or is a drivers license enough? Are they both still valid?
  • Visa: Do you need a visa for your destination? If Yes, apply on time.
  • Insurance: Do you have a travel insurance, or a cancellation insurance?
  • Money: Is your Credit Card or ATM card valid? Can you use it in the country you are going to? Is there a sufficient balance on the account? Are you gonna take cash?What is the currency there?
  • Car travel: In Europe, if you use a car, you need to have certain things with you in the car in certain countries, like a first aid kit.and some countries you need a pass to drive on certain roads. Check on: www.aaroadwatch.ie/euregulations/

3. Organice Yourself

  • Do you need to get vaccinations for the place you are going to? Better check this first as some vaccinations need to be taken some time ahead of travel. So first check with your health care specialist.
  • Bring a first aid kit with you with basic essentials like aspirin, your daily medication, bandaids, alcohol wipes and definitely sun protection. maybe birth control like the Pil and/or condoms? And for girls: Bladder infection medication. ( I learned the hard way) Check your medication with your doctor if it is legal to bring to the country you travel to. Put it in your carry-on so it is easy to get to, and in case your luggage does not arrive on time , you have it with you.


Tips for your luggage

  • Do you have a good suitcase? Or is the one you have sturdy enough for everything I want to take?
  • Check the weather at the destination, and only pack for that. Do not bring things you already think you might not wear, as it is only extra weight for you to carry.
  • Make sure you don’t have dangerous things in your suitcase, especially when you travel by airplane.
  • Don’t pack too much, as you always bring more home including souvenirs. Make sure you don’t go over the weight that is allowed by your Airline or Bus company. Check with them.
  • Don’t put your address and contact information on the outside of your bag,( but do it on the inside). “Bad guys” might see it and visit your house while you are gone. And that’s no fun!
  • Roll up your clothes nice and tight so they don’t get wrinkled so much. Put “wet” stuff like your toiletry bag in a plastic bag, in case something spills while traveling. Try to use every space you can, like put clean socks in shoes to get more use of your bag.


4. Organice Your Relationships

  • Make sure you print out all your travel information, and contacts for your hotel, and travel agent and give it to relatives that stay behind.
  • If you have pets, make sure they are taken care of too. If they also need to go to a shelter for the time you are away, make sure you check the regulations considering vaccinations etc.
  • Check all above with your travel mates ( family, partner, kids) to make sure they are prepared as well.


5. Organice Your Good Heart

  • Give away all food & drink items that will go bad during the time you are away.
  • Have your neighbor take your newspaper or magazine subscription while you are away?
  • You can leave a present for the person who is taking care of your home while you are away, or bring a souvenir back from your trip. I am sure they will love it that you are so considerate!


More important things to check on the day of departure:

  • Charge your Ipod, Computer, iPad, Phone, etc…
  • Bring converter plus all chargers.
  • Bring enough to read
  • Bring some healthy snacks, you never know where you end up being, you want to be prepared when getting hungry
  • Always have a bottle of water in reach.
  • Hand wipes and hand sanitizer always come in handy.


Last thing before departure

  •  Everything shut off at home? Gas? Lights?
  • Did you close door and windows properly?
  • Last check of your checklist!
  • If all is checked off you can start enjoying your vacation!


A few useful links:


Enjoy your travels!

Love, Lonneke