When you paint your nails, you don’t think about it really. You are busy making your hands look beautiful. But what is really in nail polish? Because it always smells so strong too…

It turns out there are a lot of bad things in most nail polishes, like formaldehyde, Campher, phthalates and Toluene. And because your nails and skins absorps these chemicals, they travel through your whole body. Not good! These chemicals are extremely toxic and have been linked to cause cancer eventually. Especially pregnant women should be careful.

Non Toxic Nail Polish

But there is a solution: nail polishes that do not have all these ingredients!

There are more & more brands coming with nail polishes that are not toxic. I use brands like Zoya, Priti Nails and Deborah Lippmann (click picture below). They stay on great, some even better than the toxic nail polishes, and they are better for you.

Don’t forget: EVERYTHING you put on your body affects your health. Be smart what you put on your hair, skin & nails!

Love, Lonneke