You probably learnt it when you were still little: Every night before bedtime brush your teeth!

When you got older, you started flossing too.

And when you thought you could finally go to sleep, you suddenly also had to use mouth wash.

1.2.3, Your teeth, gums and your whole mouth were clean!

But really, we should add a 4.

Because what do we do with our tongue?

I mean, we use it for every thing every day:

to taste, to lick, to suck to swallow…..and your partner maybe gets a french kiss once awhile!

But really, nobody cleans his or her tongue!

ooh, gross!!

Especially when you know cleaning your tongue can prevent a bad breath, and can take bad bacteria out of your mouth.

Many bacteria are on your tongue.

So if you scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper every day, the amounts of bacteria will reduce dramatically. And it will look better too!

You can find out a lot about someone, like his eating habits, by looking at his or her tongue .

Your tongue should be a shiny pink color, not red and not with lots of mucus.

I personally would change 3 and 4, as I prefer to clean my tongue before I use the mouth wash!

Will you scrape too?