SOO HAPPY right now :) soo amazed & elated at life, good people in this world & CACAO TEA. Well it doesn’t take much to make a girl happy does it??? Just a little chocolate here or there, a flower or two (cacao flowers even better!). If you’ve read any of my posts, checked out my facebook page or twitter, you’d know that I’m pretty madly passionate about FOOD. Even more so, presently, about  CHOCOLATE! Not just any old chocolate will do though, I’m very specific. Fussy in fact! It must be organic for a start, fairtrade is also absolutely essential; as I won’t indulge my chocolate fancies upon produce that directly causes children or families harm. Another thing, I ADORE raw chocolate. Raw chocolate is my current obsession. It’s made from the purest form of ‘chocolate’, called CACAO. Packed with up to 360% more antioxidants times than regular cocoa (not to mention other nutrients) & containing less caffeine & with it’s rich (yet mild at times, depending) chocolate flavour, it’s superfood & what I consider to be the finest indulgence at the same time! Imagine my surprise & utmost delight when I received a parcel direct from NY this afternoon & opened it to find a new cacao product! I’m soo happy with it I will always keep it on my tea shelves from this day on (lol, read the tweets, I couldn’t stop raving & taking phone pics)… & to think, that this special, unique chocolate product is made entirely from the raw cacao HUSKS. Well done Tisano Tea, on a beautiful product, & thank-you from the bottom of my heart, ever gorgeous Valentina! LOVE & CHOCOLATE XXX ABIGAIL