I haven’t been as excited about something I bought in a long time! Here it is, it’s called the Water Bobble. A portable bottle, with a filter in it! Do you ever stop to think how many plastic bottles of water you buy when on the go?

Water filtering

I made the step to use Brita filters at home about two years ago but still hadn’t found the solution to the few too many plastic bottles I bought when thirsty running around the city doing my daily things . With my new bobble all I need is tap water to fill my bottle with, when you take a sip what comes out is crisp, filtered wonderful water.

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Good for the environment: Good for your wallet

You aren’t only helping the environment by using a bobble: you are also saving a lot of money. A bobble costs about 10 dollars and a new filter costs 7 dollars. You can use one filter for about 300 refills or about 2 months.

The Water bobble is convenient to take on the road

I once took a road trip from Texas to Los Angeles, and I took my new bought Bobble with me, a perfect time to try it out! I was so happy to see how many plastic bottles I didn’t buy to rehydrate myself. At any gas station or restaurant I would just go to the bathroom and refill my bobble with tap water.

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They come in several different colors, there are 13 ounce bottles, 18.5 ounce bottles and 34 ounce bottles.

Go out and buy your own, You are going to love it!!

xoxo Mallory June

First published on December 10th 2012, updated in 2019