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Lonneke, Maruja & Joey brainstorming

That’s what friends are for. Part 1.

O.K. This is going to be an ode to a few of my dear and best friends (and OYL contributors) who have been in my life for some time, and proof me over and over why they are the best friends in the world!

Friends of Lonneke, part 1. the Netherlands edition.

Maruja & Lonneke at Cosmopolitan Party 2012

Maruja & Lonneke at Cosmopolitan Party 2012

It is not that you have to see them all the time, but friends are there for you even when you haven’t seen them for weeks, months even years. If you are in need, they are there for you. And vice versa. In good times too, you have the BEST time together!

Maruja & Lonneke

I have been friends with Maruja since High School, so almost 18 years!

On my birthday 2 weeks ago, I was not feeling good. But I was going to have a lot of friends over and I was expected to cook. Uh oh the horror when you are sick (I actually had a hangover from shots the night before in a bar to celebrate my birthday. But the day after I realized the reason why I never drink is to avoid those terrible hangovers!) I could not move, eat, and just wanted to lay down on my couch. I also had some other issues on my mind so all together I was just feeling like sh*t. So what did my best friend Maruja Retana do (also an OYL contributor) and her boyfriend Ross? They came over, cleaned up, and cooked a big delicious meal for everyone, while I suffering on the couch and telling them what to do!

Maruja & Ross

Maruja & Ross love each other very much!

They opened up the windows for fresh air, told me to drink lots of water and gave me a painkiller to get over that initial bad feeling. I did something similar for Maruja a few months ago: I co-organised a surprise party for her birthday with all her friends present, while she was thinking she was just going for a simple pizza with her boyfriend Ross! I like to do that for friends. Not only do they love it when you do something special, you feel great doing it too!

Ross, Lonneke, Maruja

Ross, Lonneke, Maruja at Maruja's surprise bday party this year!

On a side note. Almost all my friends are also very talented. For instance, Maruja is a great singer/songwriter, so check out her website and her music! Her latest video is close to 1 million hits!

Ross Palmer is known as THE man in the Netherlands you go to if you want to bring your English speaking up to perfection. As a Native American Speaker, he has  worked at the language institute in Vught, known as “De Nonnen”. He has helped many individuals, professionals, singers as well as companies to speak and write using perfect English. Check out his site HERE.

So the result of them cooking and taking care of me? When my other friends came to celebrate, I started to feel better, and could enjoy my birthday. Plus we had great food. I recall Ross’ amazing red pepper soup (Maruja get us that recipe on!) and fresh couscous, dips, homemade falafel by Maruja and Ross, and fresh turkish bread. It was a feast!

Happy Birthday to meeee!

I started to feel better so: Happy Birthday to meeee!

I got the crown from friend Jordy Haven. I don’t mind it when men treat me like a princess!

Lonneke birthday party feast

Lonneke birthday party feast

the dish at birthday party!

Ross' red pepper soup

Ross' red pepper soup!

Another person I want to highlight: OYL contributor Joey Holthaus finished working at the clothing store at 9pm, drove over an hour with his husband Mark to see me for my birthday ( by the way, read about Joey’s story about being gay HERE, it is touching!) . They stayed for a bit before driving that way back home. Some people would just flake in that situation, but they did it even when they were tired!  Joey is my Dutch gay bff and he always has great advice! That is why his title is “Creative Coach”. He also takes great pictures and makes beautiful illustrations. Check out his personal site HERE. The OYL illustrations are always by him!

Joey & Lonneke

Joey & Lonneke

Mark & Joey

hot couple Mark & Joey

That’s what’s so great about Organice Your Life® all the contributors are handpicked myself and we are all friends who support and respect each other. We want to get the best out of each of us and also of our readers! We love to brainstorm together too!

Lonneke, Maruja & Joey brainstorming

Lonneke, Maruja & Joey brainstorming

Because of this all, I had a great birthday. Thank you my friends for making my birthday one to remember. And helping me out when I was not my best. I love you!


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2 Responses to That’s what friends are for. Part 1.

  1. jota June 27, 2012 at 6:44 am #

    Your biggest LOVERS are your FRIENDS & they have plenty of LIFE,
    so YOU LOVE LIFE, (green, blue, yellow, grey or white) and that´s the best can happen.
    Nice Letter

  2. christophe June 27, 2012 at 9:21 am #

    Hi Lonneke,
    Your love for your friends is really a pleasure to see, and it’s true that friends are so important and precious in our lives.
    I just listened to “right through me”, and it’s not to flatter Maruja but I really found this song very beautiful (I love her voice).
    “Hey Christophe ! Do not hesitate to consult the website of Ross !!!
    Me !! But why !!!? Ok, I will !”
    With some delay, I wish you a happy birthday !

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