chopped pieces of rhubarb

Rhubarb compote

I always thought working with rhubarb was a difficult task. the pieces are big and you don't know what to do with it at first. But then if you actually take time to get to know more about this vegetable  (like with most things in life) you find out it is not difficult to make amazing recipes with it! Some consider it a fruit, but it is really a vegetable with supposedly a lot of vitamin C.

What to do with rhubarb

So what can you do with rhubarb? First of all: DO NOT eat the leaves, they are highly toxic, even more after cooking. But you can cook the stalks, and it can become a yummy dish. Scientists seem to be not sure what the exact health benefits are of rhubarb, if any, but I like to eat it!

Rhubarb compote

What is mostly done is wash the rhubarb, then chop it in pieces, and cook it for 10 minutes with a small spoon of sugar to sweeten it a bit, until the rhubarb pieces becomes soft. You can also add cinnamon and/or lemon juice. Then you take a blender and make a smooth blend of it. You can then let it cool off and use it over your yoghurt in the morning. Or you can make a rhubarb cobbler, pie or any other dish with it. Served hot it is also nice as a condiment with your dinner instead of apple sauce. So many options!

chopped rhubarb
chopped rhubarb
chopped pieces of rhubarb
chopped pieces of rhubarb
Cooking rhubarb
Cooking rhubarb
Blended cooked rhubarb
Blended cooked rhubarb
Rhubarb compote and oatmeal
Rhubarb compote and oatmeal


I eat it in the morning as breakfast with my oatmeal and some cinnamon. Enjoy!

Love, Lonneke

Substitute for coffee

5 tips to avoid catching a cold

When the weather gets cold, a lot of people catch a cold. These are my 5 tips to avoid catching a cold, which help me to protect myself against a cold or flu, or to get over it quicker! No one wants to fall ill, so a good regimen is key to good health especially in cold days. And if you catch a cold, a  healthy lifestyle will help you recover quicker!

1. Live a healthy lifestyle

This is especially important in the cold season. This means eating healthy, warming foods like soups and stews, with lots of energy that your body needs to stay warm. Also you have to move your body enough during the day, even if the weather makes you feel you want to curl up on the couch with a warm cup of tea and a blanket. Go walk your dog a few times, or go work out. Make sure you get a good night sleep. It is dark more hours of the day, and that means you need to get more sleep.

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2. Wash your hands all the time, and go everywhere with a hand sanitizer

This doesn't need much explanation really. During the day you touch a lot of surfaces that other people have touched as well. Bacteria and viruses are easily spread that way. And if you don't you are more likely to catch a cold.

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3. Hydrate yourself

When it is cold people or less likely to drink enough water because it is cold, but when you are inside with the heater on, you are dehydrating rapidly. This means drinking enough water and/or tea, but also making sure your skin from the outside stays hydrated. Especially dry skin on your lips, inside your nose, and dry eyes are excellent places for viruses and bacteria to enter your body. When these are hydrated, you create a barrier between you and the potential viruses and bacteria. I use homeopathic eyedrops, aloe vera for my nose, coconut oil for my skin, and coconut butter or shea butter for my lips. Also hydrate the air you breathe. Humidify the air using a humidifier inside your apartment, and let it run day and night. Also, when you go outside, wrap a scarf around your mouth and breathe through it. When you preheat the air, and moisten the air with your saliva, it will again protect against a dry mouth and bacteria and viruses from easily entering through your mouth and nose.


4. Take some extra vitamins

Especially Vitamin C which is known to be helping boost your immune system. I also take oregano oil which supposedly has anti-viral properties and garlic because it is supposed to cleanse your blood. Also a complete wellness mix of herbs to boost your immune system is a good option. Go to your local vitamin store for advice and ask your doctor what vitamins work for you.

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5. Drink tea with healing herbs

I like Mu tea which is a combination of 16 herbs including licorice, and the good old herbal teas including chamomile and jasmin tea and ginger tea. Add some honey. Honey is known for the antibacterial qualities so it is said that taking honey will soothe your throat. More hard-core is adding raw ginger to your tea. This really helps me to avoid catching a cold!

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Stay warm & healthy!

Love, Lonneke

Four Foods for Fantastic Skin!

"Four foods for Fantastic Skin!"

Because naturally glowing skin really does start from the inside out, here are a few fresh, whole food ideas that will really make your skin glow! Here are my 4 favorite foods for skin that will make it fantastic:

  1. Healthy Fats, such as Avocado, Raw Nuts and Coconut Oil will plump up your skin and reduce winkles.
  2. Vitamin A, necessary for healthy skin can be found in Carrots and Sweet Potatoes.
  3. Vitamin C, always amazing for you, are in Berries, Mangos and Cantaloupes.
  4. And lastly, Hydration! The most important for nice skin, I try for Green Tea and lots of water!

And now here are some foods that should be avoided!

  1. Alcohol – it’s terribly dehydrating!
  2. Refined sugar – wreaks havoc on your hormones that could cause breakouts.
  3. Dairy – is difficult to digest for most, and could also lead to breakouts :(
  4. Processed food – Just try no to eat anything that comes from a box! ;)


Immunity Booster - Juice with cucumber, oranges, celery, pepper

Made this juice the other day, and it tasted so good! I called it “immunity booster” cause this juice is full of vitamin C, which helps us to fight colds and flu. Drink this when u feel a little “off”. No medicine ever tasted as good as this recipe :)

  • *1 large cucumber
  • *3 oranges
  • *3 stalks of celery
  • *1 red bell pepper



Brussel Sprouts- Healthy Alternative to Potato Chips

If you like to snack throughout the day, brussel sprouts are a nutritious alternative to potato chips and other tempting empty calorie carbs.  Brussel sprouts are low in calories and surprisingly higher in protein than other cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, kale and cabbage. In addition to being a good source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, eating the veggie on a regular basis can decrease the risk of cancer via glucosinolates, metabolites that induce detoxification enzymes.

My favorite way to prepare them is to simply roast until tender on the inside and slightly crispy on the outside. Intuition would lead you to believe that cooking the vegetable would deplete it of its nutritional value. However, research shows that cooking brussel sprouts does not strip them of cancer preventative powers.




- cut off ends of brussel sprouts

-coat in extra virgin olive oil in baking pan

- sprinkle with sea salt and freshly crushed pepper

- roast in oven at 400 degrees F for ~45-50 minutes (occasionally shake the pan to help cook evenly- test with fork to see if tender throughout before serving)

Best part is that when prepared this way, the brussel sprouts taste good cold too.  I like to make extra and keep in the fridge for a snack the next day. And if you have a sweet tooth, I would suggest drizzling some aged balsamic vinegar on top before serving. Buonissimo!

OYL healthy drink tasting!

Antoniette (our newest OYL contributor) and I, did a healthy drink tasting at Wholefoods with a few drinks we found. We noticed there are so many new health drinks on the market! We wondered: how do they taste, which are the "healthiest" in our opinion, and which ones are our favorites? There wasn't really a bad drink we tried, but below are the 5 ones that made our cut.

Coconut water.

Harmless Harvest raw coconut water

There are so many more coconut brands that are available now at Wholefoods. But we like Harmless Harvest 100% raw coconutwater. They say they are "raw" and not processed. Sounded interesting! We really liked the taste of freshness, it was tasting maybe a bit more like coconut water straight from fresh coconuts. Cute little bottle, but a little too little for me I love me some coconut water!


Kevita coconut drink

We also tried Kevitacoconut probioticdrink, and that was very interesting. It taste like coconut water far away, but a bit more watery, with a fizz to it. probiotics are supposed to be very good for the health of your intestines. Some swear by it.I thought it was nice but not my favorite. Organic, vegan,diary, gluten- and soy free, made in California.

Health drinks.

Mama Chia

Mama Chia "Seed your Soul". This drink gives you a funny feeling in your mouth, but taste great! I actually loved the feeling of the chia seeds in my mouth.Antoniette even bought more of it after our tasting. Chia seeds are considered Superfoods, because they contain a lot of nutrients, like antioxidants, Omega-3, fibers. Found by Janie Hoffman in San Diego, this drink is also gluten free & vegan, pasteurized, . USDA organic.

Energy drinks.

Sambazon Jungle Love Energy Drink

We sometimes need a pick-me-up during the day of course! I tried Sambazonall natural Amazon Energy Jungle Love drink. It has 140 calories, 80mg natural caffeine and 460% vitamin C from acerola, he flavor was Acai passionfruit. Acai is an amazing purple berry from the Amazon. Other ingredients to bring you up include maca, guarana, yerba mate, guarana, catuaba. All USDA organic. I like this one a lot!

Super food drinks.


Cell-Nique. This drink some like the taste, some don't. It contains 31 Superfoods. And it is low glycerin, gluten free, vegan protein. It is supposed to energize, alkaline and detox your body, and it's low in calories too! You should shake this drink before drinking to mix the drink well and get all the benefits. I like the colors of the design of this brand's bottles!

So tell me now: What's your favorite drink to quench your thirst?

p.s. buy Antoniette's latest single: "Void of a Legend" here.

Video Void of a Legend.