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stamppot 1

Stamppot: a typical Dutch dinner with a vegetarian twist

In the Netherlands, people eat a lot of mashed potatoes and different vegetables, especially in the Winter, which we call “stamppot”. It is a typical Dutch dish and  very easy to make. I think it is delicious! I am showing you a healthy and tasty version with kale that is vegetarian!  Stamppot: a typical Dutch […]

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In vitro meat

There are a lot of problems with the meat industry these days, no one can deny that. But what is the best way to a solution? Around the World there are many animal factories where “farmers” grow their cows, pigs and chickens in a record time to adulthood. With medication, hormones and food that contains […]

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mc2burger & chicken satay sandwich

Vegetarian meat

If you change from eating meat to a vegetarian diet, it is a big change. But it is worth it. But what happens is that you usually crave some kinds of meat still. I changed about 8 years ago to an 90% vegetarian diet, with a bit of good fish once a while. But I […]

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Lonneke for SI

My 2 week Diary

UPDATED DAY 15, 11am Ibiza, Spain time, Scroll down. If you want to join on Twitter please use hashtag #2weeks2fitness Hi all! I decided I want to get in my best shape for my vacation. I will be going to Ibiza beginning of June! I want to get in best shape possible for my bikini […]

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Meat Free Monday Menu 1

OYL Meat Free Monday menu 1

This was my dinner yesterday, and it is a pretty good option for Meat Free Monday, or any vegetarian day in your life! I used the Vegetarische slager “gehaktbal” (Meat ball) which in the real-meat version is a very typical Dutch treat. Since I don’t eat meat, I also can’t enjoy this dish, until now! […]

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