The World Cup 2014 in Brazil

Exactly one year ago, Brazil was having a historical moment. The entire month of June was filled with protests involving millions of Brazilians, many of which left the comfort of their homes to join the voice of the people for the first time in their lives. A voice that didn’t always scream for the same ideals, that didn’t always agree with the one right by its side...

Many were the reasons these Brazilians had to yell at the top of their lungs, but one of them, a BIG one, was the millions and millions from public coffers, spent in the construction of stadiums in a standard not common to public facilities like hospitals, schools, public transportation, among many others, all of which are decaying in quality.

Captura de Tela 2014-06-03 às 18.20.44

The World Cup is here and the last few days preceding it were overwhelmed with speculation and divided opinions all over the social networks and the Internet. It feels like a passion has been yanked out of my chest. Brazilians feel coerced to be ashamed to root for their country, we are afraid of judgment for being “pro-world-cup” or against it. Meanwhile, with only a few days to go, stadiums and airports were still unfinished, which only increased the people’s state of indignation.

Captura de Tela 2014-06-03 às 18.21.28
...very clear message from the people at the street. One of their many subjets that impulsionated protests in Brazil


Captura de Tela 2014-06-03 às 18.22.24
Patriotism and anger - at one of many protests in Sao Paulo last year

Politicians assured people there will be no demonstrations during the World Cup and affirm they will use military power if necessary to contain the people. Meanwhile, those apposed to our current government, fear Brazil winning the series could strengthen the chances of president Dilma’s re- election. Celebrities go to the media in support of police brutality against manifestations during the event, and declare themselves ashamed of how the World Cup has become an excuse to revolt against the government, reason for protests and violence, and how it all reverts into bad publicity for our country. That’s the real shame!

Captura de Tela 2014-06-03 às 18.19.00
Meanwhile in the fashion world, our soccer super star Neymar, poses with Gisele for the cover of Vogue Brasil magazine.

Pessimists, contaminated by indignation, want everything to fail during the cup believing that international disgrace would serve as a lesson to our politicians and “kick-off” a possible intervention from other nations to help our country change; but it goes unnoticed that this self-destructive attitude brings no benefit to the people. False-optimists, on the other hand, have a lot to gain and take advantage of the low moral to spread effect phrases compelling us to react with courtesy and receptivity. One said, “what (there) was to be spent, stolen, is gone”, insinuating we should move on, but I don’t believe anything should be stolen! Texts stimulating our patriotism and at the same time showing how degrading our situation is, are spread and shared all over social media by people that no longer know what to do think or do.

Captura de Tela 2014-06-03 às 18.35.37
National passion: brasilians can't hide their love for the sport that gathers diferent ages and races from all over the country


Until a few weeks ago, it had not rained in São Paulo in over 30 days, which brought the levels in our reservoirs to an ultimate low -- fines were given to those unable to reduce their use of water during rationing. Last month São Paulo reached record traffic: 344 km (214 miles) throughout the capital, but expected when bus and metro strikes still frighten workers and all of those who depend of public transportation in the capital. Still today, many of the metro lines – that already don’t service the entire city for lack of structure – are not operating and their employees stopped.

The image shows how the traffic stroke Sao Paulo in that day...

Despite all of it and with the growing expectations that precede the beginning of the games, we watch our streets fill with “gringos” and I’m reminded that soccer is an internacional passion and our national pride above it all. Some may still claim our government uses “bread and circuses” to seek public approval, but I truly believe these are times of patriotism, passion and emotion, after all soccer is a sport that brings masses together and creates opportunities to all social classes of our country.

Captura de Tela 2014-06-03 às 18.34.01

What’s most important to me in this moment is to create awareness of what we are going through as a country and that we may use our conscience at the elections to fight for our rights and ideals to build a brighter future for Brazil, rich in all of its beauty. May we be proud of our country, value and speak highly of it to those who wish to visit and live it. Ultimately let us help create a better BRASIL, never forgetting that every day we are presented with small opportunities of change for the greater good!

And let the games begin!

Love, Carol

Lonneke for SI

My 1 day food diary

May 22nd 2012: I decided I want to get in my best shape for my vacation. I will be going to Ibiza beginning of June! I want to get in best shape possible for my bikini those days of course. So I decided to keep a food diary. Food and work out is a big part of looking great! So I am going to go for as close to 100% eating perfect, and working out every day. Plus I will get some great treatments, to improve my appearance.

This is what I look like right now:

Lonneke by JBC
Lonneke for JBC

Not bad, I did this job in Corsica a few weeks ago, but I am noticing I am not as toned as usual. And a bit pale :s. I have been working too hard on I have not worked out as much! Bad girl...  I want to get back to my Sports Illustrated shape as below!(with the tan preferably ;) ):

Lonneke for SI
Lonneke for Sports Illustrated 2010-2011

That means I have to be tough on myself! No chocolate all the time, eating healthily and also moving my *ss more! You have to work for result... So, I am telling you exactly what I am doing coming weeks. What do I do to get in Top Shape again? I will show you my improvements, and you will also get to see what I eat, and how I change in shape and how my skin will improve! Trust me it will happen, just from one day, you already start having hydrated skin if you drink a lot of water...  We can all look great then coming sunny days!

DAY 1: To start off, I am making it very difficult for myself, as today right away I am taking a flight to across the Atlantic Ocean! But I took the time to wake up (if I get up fast I am tired all day, so I wake up early and take some extra time to just relax in bed before I get up) . I saw all the support tweets and messages and got excited! I started the day with a shot of Chlorophyll on an empty stomach. In the USA it is easy to get, it is the same as in a wheat grass shot, try to find it in your local health store. Chlorophyll is critical in photosynthesis in plants (absorption of energy from light). Then I looked what I still had in my fridge... And made a smoothie! Smoothie: Banana, coconut water, fresh lemon juice, flax seeds.

Banana- coconut -lemonjuice-flaxseeds-smoothie
Banana- coconut -lemonjuice-flaxseeds-smoothie

Workout: 25 min treadmill. I hate doing things for prolonged periods of time. but running while watching something on the iPad is good, and I put my favorite dance music on when I jump on trampoline. I DON'T like work out but I know that every time I start I get in greater shape and feel great after, like I can conquer the world. And feeling sweaty feels good too (release of toxins from your body) It makes your skin soft and nice too! At noon I went to get a nice facial at Tracie Martyn. Getting facials makes your skin glow! Deep cleansing and microdermabrasion. Find a good place close to where you live.

Tracie Martyn 1
Tracie Martyn Salon NYC

For lunch: I was cleaning out my fridge as I am leaving today. So I made soup!

Soup by Lonneke
Soup by Lonneke
Vegetable Soup 1

Recipe type: soup

Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 

  • water
  • salt
  • pepper
  • soy sauce
  • sesame oil
  • chopped fresh parsley (lots of it)
  • chopped fresh cilantro
  • chopped tomatoes
  • chopped onions
  • rosemary
  • oregano

  1. saute onions in a pan
  2. other stock put add water, salt, pepper, soy sauce, chopped tomatoes, parsley, oregano, rosemary, onions, sesame oil.
  3. After 30 min, when soup is done, serve and let cool off
  4. add cilantro for flavor and as garnish.
  5. enjoy!

I also snacked on a honey glazed nut crunch thingie:

honey glazed nut crunch snack
honey glazed nut crunch snack

and I drank this drink:

Mamma Chia drink
Mamma Chia drink

I made a salad to go to the airport, which I ate: romaine lettuce, walnuts, cucumber, yellow peppers, a few pieces of old Gouda cheese, grapes, olive oil, salt, pepper, cilantro, parsley:

Day 1 Lonneke 2weeks2fitness dinner
Day 1 Lonneke 2weeks2fitness dinner

During the day if I felt hungry I snacked on some cherries, grapes and nuts. I took a flight from NYC to Amsterdam with KLM. Before that I took a 30 min back massage at Express Spa. You know the one where you sit in a chair and they put their elbows in your back. I love it! So I fell asleep easily on the flight and got a few hours of sleep on the way over. Day 2: I landed in Amsterdam at noon. I went to the hotel. When you are running around you sometimes forget to eat, therefore it is always good to have some sort of snacks with you, that you can eat while on the go.  I went for lunch: a nicoise salad with grilled tuna. Then I walked around the "Vondelpark" with my nephew Navy and his father (my brother-in-law Michael Lamey) for a few hours. We were so tired when we got home as it was so sunny and warm too! I also had to carry Navy, on my back or in my arms, so that was a great work out. For dinner I had a couscous salad with grilled shrimp. And a decaf latte (sorry I could not help it it helps my digestion after a flight) I was so busy all day doing fun things that I forgot food. i just made sure that when I ate, it was delicious! Tomorrow I am going vegetarian I think. I hope they have some good options at the shoot... Day 3: Sorry I did not update this day earlier, but I was shooting today for a campaign with Dutch top models Cato van Ee & Sophie Vlaming.

Lonneke & Cato
Lonneke & Cato

in the morning I ate breakfast in the hotel: 1 banana, 1 slice of bread, a few strawberries, fruit yoghurt, green tea, orange juice, 1 hard boiled egg.

Breakfast Lonneke 2weeks2fitness Day 3