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John Masters Organics

I have tried many all-organic shampoos and conditioners, but nothing gave my hair a healthy shine, but they only dulled my hair. I am still looking for a 100% organic & green haircare, but John Masters Organics haircare comes pretty close, and I love to use this for my hair. In fact, when I use […]

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I use the Vitality & Energy Mask for a radiant skin


As the days are getting colder (well, here in the Netherlands) I have to be extra careful with my skin. Not every man likes to put some effort in his “beauty” skin care for men regime (most men only wash their faces with water and that’s it), but I’m a fanatic skin care user for […]

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Opening Party Amsterdam Fashion Week

A great night out!

As having a good time is important in life, I am going to tell you about yesterday night,which was one of the most fun nights I have had in years! The night started with my sister, my boyfriend and myself going to a really nice restaurant in Amsterdam. After that, we went to the Style […]

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