My new discovery of Vitamin E oil!

We all know Vitamin E has a whole host of benefits and can be found in many foods that we eat everyday, like:

almonds, olives, spinach, blueberries, sunflower seeds, vegetable oils, tomatoes, wheat germ, avocado and the list goes on and on.

To begin with here are some important key facts to keep in mind:

Vitamin E is essential to life -- we cannot live without it.
How much vitamin E is enough? Prominent researchers believe that to perform at its best, the body needs more than the US Daily Value (DV) of 30 IU vitamin E daily. Average healthy females should have 400 IU a day, and average healthy males 600 IU a day.
Vitamin E should be taken at mealtime -- it is absorbed better when taken with meals rather than an on an empty stomach.
Inorganic Iron can DESTROY vitamin E. According to the Shute Institute, the two should be separated in the stomach by an 8-9 hour interval. However, organic iron, found in spinach, and other iron rich foods can be taken at the same time as vitamin E.

What I have recently discovered though is Vitamin E oil for my skin & nails. I had purchased some vitamin E capsules a few months ago, and after hearing the many great benefits of it, decided to put it to good use... but I wasn't going to take it in pill form (although for some individuals this is necessary, assess accordingly). What I have started to do is topically apply the oil to my skin and nails !!!

To begin with I started to put it on blemish marks as I had read about it through researching, and came up with vitamin E oil and its healing properties with scarring. Even though no proven research exists regarding this oil and its effects on scarring, I was willing to take the risk and see what would happen.

Low and behold it worked WONDERS ! Now I don't apply it all over like a lotion. I take a clean needle point, prick the capsule, squeeze out the oil on the back of my hand and carefully apply it to any blemish, or mark that has been left over from a breakout. I usually do this in the morning, and sometimes let it soak in for hours, and just leave it. Or I put it on for just a little bit and pat is slightly. The key is consistency (everyday) you could do it at night as well, but I swear marks heal 100 times faster, and the whole cycle is cut in half.

I don't want to guarantee anything as everyone's skin is different, but honestly it does not hurt to try ! See it as an experiment and proceed cautiously as with any new topical treatment.

Now what to do with the leftover oil on your hand? (as you only need a little bit), use it as a hand moisturizer! I swear to you my hands, nails cuticles, everything have never looked better. My nails have a glistening sheen (no need for nail polish/hardener), and my hands are SO soft. Oh and my nails grow now at a warp speed. It is actually quite crazy, and you truly have to see it with your own eyes to believe it.

So next time you are at the store, pick up some Vitamin E capsules! All natural, healthy, and so extremely versatile. Just make sure you do a patch test first, as everyone has different skin types and bodies.

Blue Print Cleanse

Blue Print Cleanse

Hi all! I needed something to get back on track (o just this one day of eating sugars, carbohydrates, drinking wine turned into way longer)

After trying the Blue Print Cleanse about a half a year ago with great success I decided to embark on it again before heading back to Europe for a few weeks of modeling, to get myself back into a healthy eating mindset. This cleanse also helps boost your immune system as well as clears your skin! (sounds good to me!)

Today is day one of three. Thankfully these juices are tasty... I'm not going to say I havent thought of pancakes or a sandwich or mmm..ok need to stop this is making me hungry.

The best part about these juices is they get delivered to your door the night before you start. The bottles are numbered from 1 to 6 so you cant screw up the order you are supposed to drink them in. You get all sorts of tips from blueprint cleanse via email throughout your cleanse which I like.

go to the website to order your own juices!


LOVE the parts you _ _ _ _

I feel so sad about this... YET it's something I've done too! It serves us no purpose other than to keep us back from all that we can be emotionally, physically, mentally.


So lets start this moment, this next breath, this next day with some positive thoughts, for our thighs. Seriously!! Now what about your skin, my skin? Perhaps your feet need some love.

Take your hands and place them upon the part of your body you 'hate' most. Breathe loving thoughts into that part of YOU. It won't be easy at first, but it will LIBERATE you, I promise! Models can be the hardest on themselves of anyone I've ever met. Don't compare yourself with anyone else, you are beautiful. Accept the parts you may not be 'as proud of'. Love them. AND maybe, just maybe, from that loving focus, those parts may even become even more lovely. I've seen it happen!

Lets make a start, lets LOVE the parts... well no need to say, because we don't _ _ _ _ !

Love  &  CHOCOLATE ~ Abigail

100% Free Body Exfoliant

Something I love to do weekly is exfoliate my entire body. Usually, I use a spicy salt scrub which I make myself, using ginger powder, high quality epsom salts, sea salt, essential oils & more secret spices! ;)

Nothing is better than something for nothing though! SO I thought I'd let you in on a crazy little secret. My 100% free, no-mix - no-fuss exfoliant which leaves the skin feeling soft & supple, & is available to anyone!

Only be prepared to get a few looks! Haha... I strip off (to bikini's) usually use some coconut oil to nourish & protect while in the sun, & THEN OHHH YESS... SCRUB my skin all over with gorgeous white Aussie sand before plunging into the sea.  If the sand is hot feels soo nice to roll around on it coating the entire body for a while then plunge again. If there is seaweed I use it aswell, to massage the skin, plunge AGAIN lol, then towel dry & moisturize. MMMM. SOO GOOD.

PS. If you don't live near a beach, maybe when it rains you can do something else super-crazy... I also like to slide in the mud... LOL I know! But it's AMAZING for your skin! Once it was pouring rain & my friend & I (with our delighted children) went sliding down the lawn in our knickers (it was actually all muddy - I have red soil where I live, soo nice). After showering in my outdoor shower, I was astonished at how gorgeous & soft it made my skin look.