Aire de Bardenas

I am so lucky with the places that my modeling jobs have taken me to! I am taking you on a trip down memory lane for Organice Your Life®. This time: Aire De Bardenas in Tudela, Navarra, Spain.

Hotel Aire de Bardenas

I stayed at this amazing place in Tudela, Navarra, Spain called "Hotel Aire de Bardenas" once for a photoshoot of a few days for a luxury leather brand called Delvaux. It is located in an area with a large natural park with one of the most beautiful views ever! The design of the hotel is very futuristic and feels like it is standing in the middle of nowhere. The luxury of this hotel is not only found in the modern rooms, with minibar, great bed, and rain shower(love it!). It is also found in the view.

Aire de Bardenas 1

Check more pictures of this hotel here at the architects Lopez-Rivera website.

It. Is. Amazing.

There is nothing in front of u. Besides the landscape and maybe some windmills in the distance, is what you see.
And the beds in the window, are a great place to oversee it all. The hotelrooms are all cubes, some just one room, and sometimes more together in the grey cubes. The hotel is surrounded by big stones, it gives a cool look to it all.

Of course I had a great time there!

The restaurant

The restaurant at the hotel serves foods that come from their own vegetable garden! The tomatoes for instance, were simply delicious, don't remember a time when I had better ones. And the orange juice..mmm!

The hotel is so nice, and one of a kind. If you love a design hotel with organic ethics, and piece and quiet, go here. It will be a nice experience.

How to get there

I took a flight from Madrid Barajas airport to Zaragoza with Iberia, and then took a taxi about 50 minutes to Tudela. You will find the hotel just outside of the center of this village.


I worked there for Delvaux. They are a luxury leather brand from Belgium, and make beautiful handbags. I am happy I worked with them so I could experience this nice place! It was a lot to arrange as I was told they are only allowed to have one photo shoot a month in the natural park of Bardenas Reales, to ensure the park stays good. Check out below how beautiful it is at Bardenas Reales!

Behind the scenes pictures of this shoot:

Delvaux bhs 1

Delvaux bhs 2

Delvaux bhs 3

Delvaux bhs 3

Delvaux bhs 5

The end result. Campaign pictures of Delvaux:

Delvaux 1Delvaux 3Delvaux 4Delvaux 5Delvaux 6Delvaux 2See here the links to the gorgeous hotel and the brand I worked for!

Love, Lonneke


First published on August 22nd 2013, updated in 2019

My photoshoot in Aspen

Working as a model has brought me so many opportunities, and one of the most challenging is to deal with the constant change of weather.

Dealing with the weather as a model

As for now I'm enjoying a great warm Brazilian summer, but a month ago I was in NYC with the blizzard invading the American sky, I was freezing! This past November I got to work at a photoshoot in Aspen, Colorado. It was my first time visiting a place with ski stations in the mountains. I got really excited as soon as my cold feet stepped into the city so I went straight to exploring this different kind of city that was all new to me!


I couldn't help but noticing that I wasn't prepared at all for the low temperatures, and after 15 minutes walking and taking pictures, I could barely feel my fingertips anymore and it only got worse... So I took my strong Brazilian body back to the hotel, but only after finding my supplies for the night: fresh pressed beet,carrot,ginger, lemon juice and a yogurt parfait with organic berries - I was lucky to find a nice café house opened out of season.

Getting ready to shoot in the cold weather
Getting ready to shoot in the cold weather

What I ate during this photo shoot

I ended up eating my homemade bowl of food for dinner and the juice and yogurt parfait in the morning. As you guys know, I always carry some food with me for unpredictable moments. I wrote an article about in the past read it HERE .

Nothing better than my own food made with love
Nothing better than my own food made with love

Basically it was made of organic veggies such as brussel sprouts, aspargus, carrots and a fish fillet with organic quinoa, SO Yummy !!! I ate half of portion in the airplane and the rest of it comfortably chilling in my hotel room. Next day I was ready to work hard whenever they needed me at my photoshoot in Aspen... I got lucky we shoot most of the pictures inside a beautiful location house in the middle of the mountains.  So inspiring!

The other "model" for the day and I . Feeling happy!
The other "model" for the day and I . Feeling happy!

Aspen seemed to be a nice warm and cozy little place despite the white mountain tops covered in ice...I really like to come back another day to enjoy some ski fun and hot cocoa with friends ;)

Will share more stories of my shoots and healthy foods I take with me with you in the future!

Love, Carol

How food affects your daily work

Eating good food and drinking water is important to get through the day, and feel enough energy. -Lonneke Engel

I have said this before!

When I do a photo shoot, I am always excited if I see they have a nutritious lunch, it makes me very happy!

Just like when I worked for a Dutch lingerie company a few months ago. The crew was great and we all had lunch together.

We all agreed the lunch was very tasty, and healthy, and everyone felt energized right after.

I think it showed in the pictures, because when everyone feels their best, they can create the best!

What did we have for lunch?

Unfortunately I only thought of taking pictures of the food when we were almost finished.

But you still see what it was like.

We had fresh sandwiches with a lot of veggies, cheese and meat for the meat- eaters,

A big italian salad with juicy tomatoes, pesto and mozzarella,

Healthy italian salad with pesto, tomatoes and mozzarella

We had different kinds of fresh pastas with tomato sauce or pesto,

There was a plate with all vegetables, including filled grilled peppers with a mix of orzo and black beans (yummy!), light pink beets (the best!) and other vegetables that were maybe a little bit cooked, but still crunchy. In the picture you see a bit of the grilled peppers and some black beans all over the plate, and a part of a sandwich that was left over:

other veggies

It is obvious that simplicity is the key, and that it is not too difficult to eat healthy.

I always encourage clients I work for to order catering with healthy foods, mostly veggies and fruits, for breakfast and lunch, and for snacks, as it will be of influence at the shoot, and makes the shoot go smoother. ( I believe that strongly!)

When I eat croissants in the morning, or heavy foods for lunch, an hour after I ate, I will crash. Seriously, I have fallen asleep ON the set more than on 1 occasion! What I do then is I take a cappuccino to pick me up. But really, I know that the reason I suddenly feel so tired, is the food I just ate. And If I would eat better, I don't have this crash.. And I don't have to drink a drug like coffee to make me feel awake... It made me think...

If you eat heavy foods, that are processed or not fresh, your body needs all its energy to digest it. So that means you will have less energy to do the other things you need to do in a day.

So always make sure you eat a good nutritious lunch and drink plenty of water!

Love, Lonneke