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restaurant Deeg Starters

Restaurant Deeg Utrecht

When I have a meeting in another city, I like to mix business with pleasure. So I always want to try out a really good restaurant in the neighborhood. This time in Utrecht, the Netherlands, we went to Restaurant Deeg. Sorry for the dark pictures but it was so romantic ;-) I haven’t been in […]

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Candle 79

When you go organic & vegan, most people think you eat the most boring foods. WRONG! Candle 79 (and its sister restaurants Candle Cafe and Candle Cafe West) show that vegan food can be inspiring, warming and delicious! A great restaurant in New York City. Candle 79 is a romantic restaurant with nice low lights […]

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Veggie quinoa burger

Bare Burger NYC

In NYC we can find a lot of restaurants. A lot of fast-food restaurants, as well as high-end cuisine. Any kind of cuisine you can find here as well. And organic versions of these fast food & high end restaurants are here too. Let me introduce to you: Bare Burger NYC. Bare Burger NYC started […]

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Le potager du marais quinoa burger, stuffed eggplants and seitan bourguignon.

My top 5 organic restaurants in Paris

OYL Ambassador in Paris,Barbara Kiskovski, is on the hunt for the best organic & green finds in her city and during all of her travels around the World. This time she has listed  her favorite organic restaurants in Paris! My top 5 organic restaurants in Paris. French cuisine is known to be one of the best in […]

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Grilled vegetables & farro salad

Salad making for dummies

What do you need for a good salad? 1. Pick a kind of lettuce as a base, I prefer organic. Romaine, watercress or mix different lettuces up. 2. Pick 1, 2 or more vegetables that you add raw or grilled. Like cucumber, tomatoes, grilled mushrooms, red peppers, onions. 3. Add a protein. If you go […]

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My top 5 salads of this week in NYC

Hi guys! I returned to New York City and this past week I have been eating healthy at a few of my favorite restaurants! I would like to share them and their dishes with you, so you either go check it out, or try to imitate the recipes at home yourself! Here we go: Le […]

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Teresa Lourenco

Introducing top model Teresa Lourenco

Our newest member of the Organice Your Life®  family is top model Teresa Lourenco. Born in Trinidad, and raised in Germany, she currently lives in NYC with her young family. You might have seen her face in multiple advertising campaigns throughout the years, as well as her lead roll in Lenny Kravitz’ “Again” video. She has a […]

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Pure Food & Wine

Pure Food and Wine NYC

One of my favorite restaurants for dinner in NYC is a raw food one! Pure Food and Wine on Irving Place, serves the most delicious raw food in the city! All the juices are great, the salads too. Around the corner they have a cute take out place called One Lucky Duck,where you can get […]

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Foodware Amsterdam

When I lived in Amsterdam I lived close to a great take out place called: Foodware Amsterdam. They have great dishes that they prepare everyday in the Foodware kitchen, that you can put together to make a nutritious dinner. I love the fishcakes here, that I pair with noodles and mixed beans. Also, their soups […]

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Valentina by Alique

OYL Original Interview: Top Model Valentina Zelyaeva

Get to know OYL contributor and top model Valentina Zelyaeva through the Organice Your Life® circle of 5: What’s it like to see yourself in almost all the advertising for Ralph Lauren? What does the perfect day look like for her? What does she love? Valentina, top model and THE face of Ralph Lauren, gives us […]

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Pure Food and Wine Review

One of my favorite restaurants for dinner in NYC is a raw food one! Pure Food and Wine on Irving Place, serves the most delicious raw food in the city! All the juices are great, the salads too. My friends and I are going there regularly to chat and have amazing food and brainstorm on […]

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