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Pineapple/mint juice recipe

Pineapple is my latest obsession! So, here I am again, came up with another juice recipe. Try this out: 1 pineapple 1 cucumber ( you know me, i loooove cucumbers in my juices:) hand full of fresh mint kale ( it’s optional, for extra minerals) Run it thru a juicer. Enjoy! Benefits of Pineapple Juice […]

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Model skincare: My simple Beauty regime

The more I learn about nutrition and beauty, The more I come to understand that the secret to looking radiant is TO DO MORE INTERNALLY THEN EXTERNALLY! Meaning, eat plenty of fresh  fruits and vegetables, make your daily meals  at least 80% or more raw – less cooking, boiling, heating, microwaving, frying your food, –drink more water, take […]

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Code by Dirk Verest