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Cooking with Family

Hi all! Cooking with or for family members is probably one of my favorite hobbies! I find it really important  that my family and myself eat good, wholesome, organic foods each day I get super excited when I have the right ingredients to make a delicious dish. But you know these don’t necessarily have to […]

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cilantro soup

Coriander (cilantro) spinach and zucchini soup recipe

Hello all! Fall is here! So time for nurturing, warming soups. The recipe is below. Just note I add ricotta for some smoothing texture and taste, but you don’t have to. I like to add it instead of cream, it tastes great and not so bad for you. Don’t we all like that? :)   […]

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Lettuce wraps

Lettuce wraps option 2

I recently made a video for lettuce wraps, (see below) but these are my option number 2! I use sesame oil to stir fry it as it gives a delicious flavor to the vegetables. Love, Lonneke Lettuce wraps option 2 easy butter head lettuce wraps Author: Lonneke Recipe type: lunch/dinner Prep time:  15 mins Cook time:  […]

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Immunity Booster – Juice with cucumber, oranges, celery, pepper

Made this juice the other day, and it tasted so good! I called it “immunity booster” cause this juice is full of vitamin C, which helps us to fight colds and flu. Drink this when u feel a little “off”. No medicine ever tasted as good as this recipe :) *1 large cucumber *3 oranges […]

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Lonneke doing 1 day cleanse

1 day juice cleanse

Today I did a one day juice cleanse. I had a bit hangover from just drinking 2 bellinis at the Operation Smile gala 2 days ago. So when you don’t feel so great, what do you do? Exactly you take care of yourself! Eating really healthy is your own medicine. As there is an Organic […]

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Orange Pepper soup

Orange pepper soup!

My Orange Pepper soup was so good, I had to share it with you! Low in calories, it is filling but also very tasty! And very simple to make too! You can either use orange peppers, or some red and yellow that you will mix together. Orange pepper soup! Serves: 4 Prep time:  5 mins Cook […]

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