Eco stapler

Staple Free Stapler

Ok this is so cool, a staple free stapler!

A real solution to eliminate staples

This is a real solution: a stapler, that does not use staples, but cuts out a tiny strip of paper and uses it to stitch up to 4 pages together. And it creates no paper waste, plus it is safe for children. so orgaNICE!

Eco stapler

It comes in different colors, I chose the green one.

Made by Humans has the registered design and on their website, you can find a few other fun designs on their website, as they are a design firm for home and office products.

"We design and create imaginative and playful contemporary accessories and gifts for the modern home and office" - Made By Humans

Where to buy the staple free stapler

The Square version (Like I have)

or the round version of the staple free stapler

This smart office product saves a lot of staples. I like using it, it is so cool!

Love, Lonneke

organizing my office

Organizing your Office.

organizing my office

Because of tax time coming up, I was like: "My office space is so not organized! I can't find anything! ". So I went to find the perfect shelves, which I found at Muji. Then it was the task of putting it together! My friend Antoniette helped me to put together the first shelves, and I did the second shelves myself.

putting together shelves

I am so happy with the results! If you feel something needs to be more organized. JUST DO IT! The feeling afterwards when you have put something together, is awesome. And my office is much neater as well! Next choir up: Painting another wall in Organice Your Life® Green color.

For my office: I painted a door that we did not need anymore in yellow, and put 9 blue boxes under neath. Et Voila! My own desk. The chair is from Knoll and I bought it at an outlet sale. You don't need to spend a lot of money to organize your work space. Just be a little creative!

I also have more room now for my treadmill, that I will start to use more often, I promise!

Love, Lonneke

My office!