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Maruja Retana

How to schedule your week

How to schedule your week (or: a spoonful of ‘sugar’) Do you ever feel… No, not like a plastic bag. Do you ever feel like your days are superhectic and busy, but then when you lay in bed at night, you can’t help but wonder: ‘Uhm…what have I actually done today?’ You start thinking about […]

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Corey Stanford

Interview with Corey Stanford, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of

Corey Stanford, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of, tells us about his successful online-based platform, which links the general public to established industry experts and celebrity talent, his healthy and green lifestyle, and his favorite charities. So tell us about your company. Blazetrak is an online-based platform that provides video access to the world’s top professionals […]

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Madonna Beautiful Killer MDNA 2012. Illustration by Atelier Joey Holthaus

Madonna supports people who are different!

What a night! What a performer! Queen of Pop Madonna visited the Netherlands with her much talked about world tour called MDNA, and Organice Your Life® was there too! I was there with my husband Mark, and we were some of the lucky ones who won two Golden Triangle tickets. We’ve bought some very expensive […]

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workout playlist

Workout playlist: 12 songs that make me push a little harder

Music is essential to my daily workout (ok, almost daily)! I picked some of my faves for you, these always get me running a little bit faster… What are your favorites workout songs? Burn, baby, burn from MarujaRetana on 8tracks.

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Music and the brain

If this is not proof that music is a powerful thing… Just like smells, sounds can bring back very distant memories and evoke deep emotions. For more stories and information on how music affects the brain, read one of my all time fav books: ‘Musicophilia’ by Oliver Sacks!

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Beau_Young_001-cr (1)

Beau Young: Peace be with you.

Beau Young >> The name conjures up a gorgeous image which inspires me! It’s one of my favourite Aussie surfer, poised on the nose of his 9.4 surfboard, five toes over, left leg bent behind him from the knee with foot raised behind him, arms outstretched – ‘crucifix five.‘ How is it that I was […]

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Stranded by Antoniette Costa

Our amazing contributor and my dear friend Antoniette Costa just released her new song, “Stranded”. For this song she collaborated with Kevin “K.O.” Olusola, beatboxing and on the cello, and Iranian Tara Kamangar on the piano and violin. Kevin just won the program “The Sing Off” with his group “Pentatonix“. This tv show is presented by Nick Lachey. So […]

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Maruja – ‘Right through me’ video (feat. Marius!)

My OYL friends, I have some very exciting news: Yesterday, the video for my first single ‘Right through me’ was released! About a month ago it was shot it in a studio called ‘Ernstige Zaken’ (‘serious business’ ;)) in Amsterdam, by video company Pixelheaven. They did a wonderful job! I wanted it to be something fun […]

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music and memories

Imagine a world without music… Its so amazing to me how music can make me feel so many things. It brings you back to all sorts of memories. Right now Im listening to Neil Youngs song “dont let it bring you down” taking me back to my childhood hanging out in my family house in […]

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