Third Person movie

When I heard I could go with our friend miss Tina Louise to a screening of the movie "Third Person" for Academy members only (yes, the ones who choose who gets the Oscars), I was really excited because this was a movie by Director Paul Haggis. I was a big fan of his movie "Crash" and was looking forward seeing his newest one: "Third Person".


My thoughts on the cast beforehand and after watching the movie

Liam Neeson: even though I hate how he is trying to defend the horse carriage industry in NYC with stupid promo videos etc, and thankfully NYCLASS is not letting him get away with it,  I think he is a good actor and I usually love his movies.

Adrien Brody: Great acting, always.

Kim Basinger: Yes Kim. I think she should be acting in more roles.

Maria Bello: Coyote Ugly is way behind her. She plays it tough. Just like Kim I wish you would see more mature women like these 2 in movies.

Mila Kunis: Who doesn't love Mila?

James Franco: And who doesn't love James? Always so artsy.

Olivia Wilde: shows up naked! Great body.. but her character also has a dark secret…

Moran Atias: A very beautiful woman playing a pretty Albanian gypsy… you might remember her from the movie Crash. I read somewhere she did not shower for 4 months to prepare for this role. She probably didn't also brush her teeth then either.

About the movie

The movie is about 2 hours and 17 minutes. If you have seen the movie "Crash", you know that Paul Haggis likes to tell different story lines and mold them together, in such a great way that he got an Oscar for it. "Third Person" is about relationships. Liam Neeson plays Michael, who is a writer, on a verge of a breakup with his wife Elaine (Basinger). He has an affair with Anna (Wilde) and they are in Paris. His writing is not going so well lately. He is trying to deal with things that happened in his own life, which he brings back into his characters of his newest book. He does everything for a good story, he uses all inspiration that he finds in his real life. As all the separate stories develop, you start to notice they are all connected to one… What is real and what is not?

There seem to be a few stories going on:

- Michael, Elaine & Anna and her dark secret...

- James Franco (Rick) & Mila Kunis (Julia) are in a custody battle over their son, as Mila is accused of trying to kill their son. Maria Bello (Theresa is  Julia's attorney, and she is also linked to Adrien Brody (Scott):

- Adrien Brody (Scott) sits in a bar in Rome, Bar Americano, when the beautiful Moran Atias (Monika) walks in and sits next to him and orders limoncello.  He immediately has a crush on her, but if that was a smart thing to do? Is she trying to con him or not...

One intense scene I remember

One particular scene between Rick (James Franco) and Julia (Mila Kunis) was so intense to watch I started crying my eyes out. for some reason this movie got to me so much emotionally, don't know why.  I couldn't sleep at night. This was mostly because of that you get sucked into these characters, and their emotions. The movie is a game of the mind.. you are trying to continuously figure out what's going on. All Actors did a terrific job, and I really consider this movie one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. And that says a lot because I usually only like documentaries or movies about true stories.

Locations and timeline of the movie

Director Paul Haggis told a bit about the movie after the movie was finished. He said the writing process was about 2 1/2 years, and all together the movie took about 5 1/2 years from start to finish. He gets his inspiration from other people's stories; he is always curious to learn about the backstory of people. He likes a movie when it brings up questions, and people afterwards have to discuss it, and share their thoughts on what happened. I loved it when he told the audience the little clues that he put in the movie. It makes me want to watch it again so I can see them all, as I saw most, but missed a few :) They filmed the whole movie in Rome as that was financially the best way to do it. All actors did not get paid (much) and the movie was made with a reasonably small budget. The scenes in Paris were also filmed in Rome. And in 1 day he filmed a few exterior shots in New York City, but even the scenes in New York City were filmed on locations in Rome.

Q & A with audience

The funny story of the night was when Paul Haggis told the audience how he did a scene with Mila Kunis hailing a cab in New York City, that was actually filmed in Rome. He basically ordered NY yellow cabs from Eastern Europe to come in for filming. These were the only taxicabs in all of Europe, and they were old ones too. He then tried to have the "extras" in the movie hail a cab in the background like a true New Yorker, but they did not know how to hail a cab. So he had to show them how you do it like a true New Yorker. But then when he called for "action" it turned out all the extras did the same thing at the same time, waving their hands up in the air in the same way, which made it seem more like a choreographed flash mob instead of a real scene in New York City. Everybody in the audience laughed when he told this story and showed how they did it. So in the end Paul Haggis let all the extras be in the back and he did the hailing a cab himself. You can therefore see him in the movie  as well for a split second.

One remark I have is that the American movie poster was a bit boring. If the movie poster depicted more who played in it, the actors, the places, it would catch people's attention way sooner. These posters I found online are better I think. I don't know what the Asian language on it means, so I hope it is positive, otherwise tell me ;)

[threecol_one]third_person_ver3[/threecol_one][threecol_one]third_person_ver4[/threecol_one][threecol_one_last]ThirdPerson_poster_final 0508_500x714[/threecol_one_last]

I don't understand why some critics bashed this movie. I thought it was smart and caught my attention for 2 + hours, that time went by like nothing. I like a movie that is a puzzle. If you want a chewed out plain movie script which is predictable, this is not your movie. If you like brain teasing movies, I  would definitely recommend to watch this movie in a theater!

Love, Lonneke

First published on June 20th 2014, updated in 2019

Kickstarter logo

Crowd funding with Kickstarter

Kickstarter logo
Kickstarter logo

I absolutely love it when someone comes up with an amazing idea and works hard to make that idea become reality. But sometimes you need money to make it happen, and most people don't have the means to do that. I am happy that there are websites that use crowdfunding to make the best ideas come to life. 


A great one is Kickstarter. Just check it out.  There are other ones but Kickstarter fascinates me. Whether you have a great invention, a great fashion item that must be produced, want to write a book or produce a movie: you can ask the visitors at Kickstarter if they want to support you.

RELATED: a website to compare different crowdfunding websites

How does it work?

You make a nice video in which you share your story and describe your idea. You post it online, and set the amount of money you wish to get for funding. That is your goal. Within a certain amount of time (30 days) you hopefully get the funding you need.

Read more Kickstarter guidelines HERE

This is different from conventional ways of production: you find funding before you even produce the products. And you know people want to buy your product before they have even seen it. This way you have clients for your product before you have made any investment. And instead of asking big corporations for money, you ask basically ask "ordinary people", who could be your neighbor or even someone from the other side of the Planet, if they want to help out.

Picture by Instacube


And if you don't have a great idea, but you are interested in what products there are, you can just go online yourself and invest a few bucks here and there. You might find a few really interesting products, and you will be one of the first people to see and/or fund it. Some products become really popular. Like the Instacube that I liked a lot, (a digital photoframe which streams Instagram pictures in a cute Instagram like frame) Even Jamie Oliver loves this Instacube!

Jamie Oliver and Instacube

Picture by Jamie Oliver

Instacube received pledges of $621,049 by 3434 people. Unfortunately Instacube still could not get it together, so the project was eventually cancelled.

How to set your financial goal

If you set your financial goal too high, it is more difficult to reach that amount of funding. But if you go for a lower amount of funding, you have more chance to make it. You then have to give 15% to Kickstarter, but if you don't make your goal, it does not cost a thing.

If you have reached your goal, people can still keep funding it. That's why it is possible that some people asked for only a few thousand dollars and reach a few million dollars because they had such a great idea!

10 year hoodie-1

10 year hoodie -2

Pictures: 10-year Hoodie by Jake Bronstein

10- year hoodie

One of these products was a durable sweater, the "10-year hoodie". The designer was fed up that most companies have a policy to make the clothing they make only last up to a few years. This way they are insured you have to buy clothes again soon. But sweaters should last up to 10 years the inventor of this hoodie thought. So he made one, that will cost you 89 dollars and when it gets damaged within those 10 years on the seams, they will repair it for no cost. He needed only 50.000 dollars to make it work, he has already got funding of over 1 million dollars! (And Now they have built a brand called HuckBerry)

What helps is if you give your backers something to look forward to. For example: For the full amount you get the product, and for 20 dollars you get a mention in their "Hall of Fame" and for 10 dollars you get a key chain. Of course you can make up these "prizes" for funding yourself.

Another one that was in the news recently, was the first movie "Wish I was here" to be produced with crowd funding. Director, producer, writer & actor Zach Braff made a video, and from the 2 million dollars, he got over 3 million funded.

So, if you have a great idea, and want it to come alive, make a video, and try to get it funded on Kickstarter, even before you produce it!

Love, Lonneke 


First Published on June 23rd 2013, updated in 2019

Spinning Plates documentary

Attention Foodies: this is a documentary about the love of food, and how food brings together people: Spinning Plates by director Joseph Levy.  It is a lovely adventure through 3 different types of restaurants, with the main focus on the nr. 1 restaurant of the USA: Alinea Restaurant and chef Grant Achatz.

I went to the movie on a Sunday night at the Landmark SunshineTheater in NYC and there was no one else besides 2 people and my friends! Too bad as I really enjoyed this movie.

I love food. I love to prepare & cook it, I love to eat it, I love to talk about it and I love to watch it being prepared.

As mentioned this documentary's plot is around 3 restaurants:

1. USA's nr.1 restaurant Alinea Restaurant in Chicago, Illinois, with chef Grant Achatz. He is the main character, and his passion for and stories about food I feel, lead you through the documentary. The way he thinks about food and the tools he uses are so advanced, it could come from a NASA laboratory. I really would like to visit it sometime. Grant Achatz' biggest passion is for sure food, flavors and finding new ways to present the food, or prepare the food. It seems from this Spinning Plates documentary that his desire to create new food and restaurants goes beyond his desire to stay healthy. After being cured by a top team of doctors from life threatening cancer in his tongue, that could have ruined his ability to taste and smell, he seems to not take the best care of himself, only sleeps 4 hours a night, and is continuously thinking of new opportunities for food creation and expansion. He wants to be the nr1 restaurant in the World, he wants to be on top, and he definitely wants 3 Michelin Stars. This also includes creating a new restaurant called NEXT. The food business is for sure his biggest passion. A side note : After he was cured from cancer, he is repeatedly seen drinking from a can of a diet soda, which bothered us as we know soda and especially diet soda is not healthy at all! (Grant, go organic! ) One thing I really liked is that he is triggering the brains of his young sons by cooking with them using liquid nitrogen and other fun stuff like that. I think it is awesome to introduce young kids to the wonders of cooking.

2. Breitbach's Country Dining, Balltown, Iowa, a Breithbach family owned restaurant since 1952. You see how this restaurant is a local favorite with simple home cooking, and it is a place for the community to gather. You can see this place is very important to people, and it goes beyond as just a place to eat. Despite a few setbacks due to the restaurant not once but twice being burned to the ground completely, they have rebuilt with the help of the local community. You see how the whole family's life is built around the restaurant as well, as everyone helps out.

3. La Cocina de Gabby in Tucson is a small Mexican restaurant owned by Francisco & Gabby Martinez. They run it every day from morning to late at night. They serve food made by Gabby as the kitchen is her big love, together with their daughter Ashley,  who is also in the restaurant each day, they are trying to make a living by cooking for others, so they can keep their home. At the end of the movie we learned that they did not make the restaurant profitable and had to foreclose on their home. They hope to start sometime again! You can help the Martinez family by donating HERE>

To learn more about this documentary, go to the official website HERE>

[vimeo id="74899921" align="center"]

Love Lonneke

Food, Inc. - a great documentary!

Food, Inc. is not a new movie (from 2008), but it is documentary that everybody should see. In short it is an unflattering look inside America's corporate controlled food industry.

After seeing this movie, you will look differently at the meat and other foods you eat.

The makers of this film did a good job making the movie interesting to watch, show the abused animals ( but not too much so that we don't want to watch the rest of the movie) Show what really happens in , food "plants", slaughterhouses, factories. What is really in your food. What your food labels really mean. How people are treated in this business. How animals are treated in this business. Which is the terrible truth.

But what's great is, that they also show us that there is a possible way to do it all different, to grow food and raise animals with respect to nature, people and those animals.

  • Organic is better.
  • Treating the animals, people and the environment better, is better.
  • And everytime you buy or eat food, you can make a change.
  • Because big corporations follow your every spending.
  • More organic? They will produce it.
  • Anything to make more profit.
  • The consumer is king, and makes the difference.
  • The consumer is you.

Go see it for yourself and buy it HERE>

Lonneke at Savages premiere

coconut oil for my skin!

I am obsessed with coconut oil!

New OYL contributor , top model Teresa Lourenco told me about it. So I bought a jar, and started using it all over my body. Not only did it smell great, my skin started glowing! There are different kinds of coconut oils. Some you can also use for cooking. Read labels for what you can use the coconut oil for before buying it.

I got the organic coconut oil from Spectrum.

Spectrum coconut oil
Spectrum coconut oil

I am sure Teresa Lourenco will tell you all about the health benefits of Coconut oil soon, and why she loves it!

I used it when I went to the premiere of the movie Savages last week. My skin was glowing!

"Savages" New York Premiere - Inside Arrivals
"Savages" New York Premiere - Inside Arrivals

By the way, that movie by Oliver Stone is not so kosher to put it that way, and if you have a weak stomach please think twice before watching this movie! It is a movie about drugs and weed in USA and Mexico... how you can get entangled into a world you don't want to be in... There was also some great acting and even though blood flowed a lot, watching Benicio del Toro and Salma Hayek act great, was worth it. Other actors in this movie: John Travolta and Blake Lively and 2 other cute actors.


Bully Project

BULLY, the movie.

Screening of BULLY

Today Antoniette Costa and I went to a special screening of the documentary "Bully", hosted by Kelly Ripa and Anderson Cooper and backed by Harvey Weinstein amongst other institutions. Bully is directed by Lee Hirsch, and follows a group of Americans, who have had to deal with bullying one way or another. Whether they were bullied themselves,  or they have a child that suffers bullying. In some cases they even lost a child by suicide because of being bullied. This documentary shows an intriguing and emotional story of each individual and how they dealt with the concept of being targeted by others in their own way. Unfortunately as mentioned before, some of the victims are not with us anymore. They took their own life as they could not take any more bullying...... So sad. But some actually stood up and fought back.

Bully project poster

As I was bullied in Elementary School I was particularly interested in the subject of this film. (yes, maybe you don't believe it, but I was majorly bullied in school!) Just like one of the main characters Alex, I did not understand really why I was being picked on. Later I realized it might have been the fact that I was trying to be a perfect student, and I was one of the favorites of the teacher. But kids in school are sometimes so mean, jealous, unhappy that they need to get it out on somebody, and the weakest kids are an easy target. Alex, probably the most central character in this movie, seems to be a really sweet, nice boy, with no bad bone in his body.  You see him taking care of his siblings, doing his homework, trying to be a good boy. You see him endure bullying, and he does not how to deal with it, let alone stand up for himself. Nor do his parents, who obviously love him very much. He was their miracle baby as he was born prematurely. That also might be the reason he is a bit weaker and more behind other kids development. He is an easy target. I am happy he was the focus in this film as he has probably been saved because his situation has been uncovered by the filmmakers and therefore could be handled correctly. (which it seems was difficult in the beginning because as the filming showed: school principals seem to not know how to handle bullying at all).

Alex from the Bully Project

A few scenes were so sad that I was crying a lot. I left the theater totally emotional. Even when I don't have kids yet, I kind of felt how you feel as parents when it happens to your child. I can only imagine how I feel if I indeed have children. It is your worst nightmare.

As I experienced it, I know that bullying is usually very layered, is done secretly to people and in all different ways. Sometimes it is hard to detect. For the people who suffer it is something they go through 24 hours a day. Since we have social media these days, it is not just at school or after school. Kids get bullied over the internet, or over the phone. With words, or physical: There is not just one kind of bullying.

Most important is that the word is out now. Bullying needs to be stopped. How? By the victims speaking up, by others reaching out to people who they might think are being picked on and standing up for them. For having institutions and places where victims can get help. And have prevention care. Parents should teach there children about how to treat other kids. And schools should not tolerate ANY sign of bullying.

Before seeing the movie, I would tell you to read the Q & A with Lee Hirsch, that you find here. It shows how long he filmed for (2 years) and how deep he got into each of the characters life story. I think it is amazing and he and his Producer Cynthia did a  very in depth research before coming out with BULLY.

See the trailer here:


I wonder what you think. Let me know your thoughts after you see the movie.

One last thing: If you ever are bullied, physically and emotionally, just remember:


Reach out to people around you until you find the one who will help you. And if I am an example: Bullying did not stop me from being successful.

To the girls and boys who hurt me in school: See me now? EAT YOUR HEART OUT! ;-)

Love, Lonneke

p.s. Talking about eating: After the screening we got delicious Cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes. Delicious. The motto was "After this movie you need something sweet to eat".  I ate my red velvet straight away. It was so good. Let all the endings of the featured characters be so sweet.

Bully Cupcake

Lonneke Bully Cupcake
The movie moved me and made me think what we can do to stop bullying...

Bully Cupcake