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Boyhood movie - 6

Boyhood movie

Our friend Tina Louise, is a notable actress ( Gilligan’s Island) and an Academy Member. She invited us to accompany her to the Academy Members Screening of the movie “Boyhood” and afterwards a conversation with director Richard Linklater (Slacker, Dazed and Confused), and lead actors Patricia Arquette and Ellar Coltrane. Boyhood is a drama film […]

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Third Person movie

Third Person movie

When I heard I could go with our friend miss Tina Louise to a screening of the movie “Third Person” for Academy members only (yes, the ones who choose who gets the Oscars), I was really excited because this was a movie by Director Paul Haggis. I was a big fan of his movie “Crash” […]

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Spinning Plates

Spinning Plates documentary

Attention Foodies: this is a documentary about the love of food, and how food brings together people: Spinning Plates by director Joseph Levy.  It is a lovely adventure through 3 different types of restaurants, with the main focus on the nr. 1 restaurant of the USA: Alinea Restaurant and chef Grant Achatz. I went to […]

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Whatever Works

Happiness is a choice

Sometimes you watch an old movie that makes you think about your own life. Whatever Works is a movie by Woody Allen, that only he could make. It is insane but most of it is also hilarious! Big part of the movie is for Larry David, known for the show “Curb Your Enthousiasm”. He plays […]

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Crowdfunding and Kickstarter

I absolutely love it when someone comes up with an amazing idea and works hard to make that idea become reality. But sometimes you need money to make it happen, and most people don’t have the means to do that. I am happy that there are websites that use crowdfunding to make the best ideas […]

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Food, Inc. – a great documentary!

Food, Inc. is not a new movie (from 2008), but it is documentary that everybody should see. In short it is an unflattering look inside America’s corporate controlled food industry. After seeing this movie, you will look differently at the meat and other foods you eat. The makers of this film did a good job making the movie […]

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Lonneke at Savages premiere

coconut oil for my skin!

I am obsessed with coconut oil! New OYL contributor , top model Teresa Lourenco told me about it. So I bought a jar, and started using it all over my body. Not only did it smell great, my skin started glowing! There are different kinds of coconut oils. Some you can also use for cooking. […]

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Bully Project

BULLY, the movie.

Today Antoniette Costa and I went to a special screening of the documentary “Bully“, hosted by Kelly Ripa and Anderson Cooper and backed by Harvey Weinstein amongst other institutions. Bully is directed by Lee Hirsch, and follows a group of Americans, who have had to deal with bullying one way or another. Whether they were bullied […]

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