Indian lentil soup

Indian lentil soup

Indian lentil soup
Indian lentil soup

I love cooking when the weather changes. I make simple stews, soups and casseroles mostly vegetarian, with the best organic ingredients!

This is one of my favorite simple recipes:

Lentils in stockpot
Lentils in stock pot
Indian lentil soup
A simple delicious warming soup

Recipe type: Soup
Serves: 4

Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 

  • 1 cup of green lentils
  • 5 small chopped carrots
  • 1 large chopped onion
  • 5 bay leaves
  • spoon of curry powder
  • parsley
  • seasalt
  • pepper
  • food grade argan oil or mild olive oil or any other oil you prefer.
  • 2 organic vegetarian bouillon cubes
  • water

  1. For best results soak the lentils 12 hours in water, for better cooking and digestion.
  2. Rinse lentils.
  3. Put stock pot on stove, medium heat.
  4. Add 5 cups of water for 1 cup of lentils.
  5. Add the chopped carrots too.
  6. In another pan sauté the onions with a bit of food grade argan oil, or any other oil you prefer.
  7. Add the onions to stock pot when ready.
  8. Add the bay leaves, bouillon cubes and curry powder.
  9. Add salt & pepper to taste.
  10. Have soup on medium heat for an hour.
  11. Try the lentils to see if they are soft (if you have soaked them before they will be ready faster)
  12. Add parsley to garnish.

Lonneke for SI

My 1 day food diary

May 22nd 2012: I decided I want to get in my best shape for my vacation. I will be going to Ibiza beginning of June! I want to get in best shape possible for my bikini those days of course. So I decided to keep a food diary. Food and work out is a big part of looking great! So I am going to go for as close to 100% eating perfect, and working out every day. Plus I will get some great treatments, to improve my appearance.

This is what I look like right now:

Lonneke by JBC
Lonneke for JBC

Not bad, I did this job in Corsica a few weeks ago, but I am noticing I am not as toned as usual. And a bit pale :s. I have been working too hard on I have not worked out as much! Bad girl...  I want to get back to my Sports Illustrated shape as below!(with the tan preferably ;) ):

Lonneke for SI
Lonneke for Sports Illustrated 2010-2011

That means I have to be tough on myself! No chocolate all the time, eating healthily and also moving my *ss more! You have to work for result... So, I am telling you exactly what I am doing coming weeks. What do I do to get in Top Shape again? I will show you my improvements, and you will also get to see what I eat, and how I change in shape and how my skin will improve! Trust me it will happen, just from one day, you already start having hydrated skin if you drink a lot of water...  We can all look great then coming sunny days!

DAY 1: To start off, I am making it very difficult for myself, as today right away I am taking a flight to across the Atlantic Ocean! But I took the time to wake up (if I get up fast I am tired all day, so I wake up early and take some extra time to just relax in bed before I get up) . I saw all the support tweets and messages and got excited! I started the day with a shot of Chlorophyll on an empty stomach. In the USA it is easy to get, it is the same as in a wheat grass shot, try to find it in your local health store. Chlorophyll is critical in photosynthesis in plants (absorption of energy from light). Then I looked what I still had in my fridge... And made a smoothie! Smoothie: Banana, coconut water, fresh lemon juice, flax seeds.

Banana- coconut -lemonjuice-flaxseeds-smoothie
Banana- coconut -lemonjuice-flaxseeds-smoothie

Workout: 25 min treadmill. I hate doing things for prolonged periods of time. but running while watching something on the iPad is good, and I put my favorite dance music on when I jump on trampoline. I DON'T like work out but I know that every time I start I get in greater shape and feel great after, like I can conquer the world. And feeling sweaty feels good too (release of toxins from your body) It makes your skin soft and nice too! At noon I went to get a nice facial at Tracie Martyn. Getting facials makes your skin glow! Deep cleansing and microdermabrasion. Find a good place close to where you live.

Tracie Martyn 1
Tracie Martyn Salon NYC

For lunch: I was cleaning out my fridge as I am leaving today. So I made soup!

Soup by Lonneke
Soup by Lonneke
Vegetable Soup 1

Recipe type: soup

Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 

  • water
  • salt
  • pepper
  • soy sauce
  • sesame oil
  • chopped fresh parsley (lots of it)
  • chopped fresh cilantro
  • chopped tomatoes
  • chopped onions
  • rosemary
  • oregano

  1. saute onions in a pan
  2. other stock put add water, salt, pepper, soy sauce, chopped tomatoes, parsley, oregano, rosemary, onions, sesame oil.
  3. After 30 min, when soup is done, serve and let cool off
  4. add cilantro for flavor and as garnish.
  5. enjoy!

I also snacked on a honey glazed nut crunch thingie:

honey glazed nut crunch snack
honey glazed nut crunch snack

and I drank this drink:

Mamma Chia drink
Mamma Chia drink

I made a salad to go to the airport, which I ate: romaine lettuce, walnuts, cucumber, yellow peppers, a few pieces of old Gouda cheese, grapes, olive oil, salt, pepper, cilantro, parsley:

Day 1 Lonneke 2weeks2fitness dinner
Day 1 Lonneke 2weeks2fitness dinner

During the day if I felt hungry I snacked on some cherries, grapes and nuts. I took a flight from NYC to Amsterdam with KLM. Before that I took a 30 min back massage at Express Spa. You know the one where you sit in a chair and they put their elbows in your back. I love it! So I fell asleep easily on the flight and got a few hours of sleep on the way over. Day 2: I landed in Amsterdam at noon. I went to the hotel. When you are running around you sometimes forget to eat, therefore it is always good to have some sort of snacks with you, that you can eat while on the go.  I went for lunch: a nicoise salad with grilled tuna. Then I walked around the "Vondelpark" with my nephew Navy and his father (my brother-in-law Michael Lamey) for a few hours. We were so tired when we got home as it was so sunny and warm too! I also had to carry Navy, on my back or in my arms, so that was a great work out. For dinner I had a couscous salad with grilled shrimp. And a decaf latte (sorry I could not help it it helps my digestion after a flight) I was so busy all day doing fun things that I forgot food. i just made sure that when I ate, it was delicious! Tomorrow I am going vegetarian I think. I hope they have some good options at the shoot... Day 3: Sorry I did not update this day earlier, but I was shooting today for a campaign with Dutch top models Cato van Ee & Sophie Vlaming.

Lonneke & Cato
Lonneke & Cato

in the morning I ate breakfast in the hotel: 1 banana, 1 slice of bread, a few strawberries, fruit yoghurt, green tea, orange juice, 1 hard boiled egg.

Breakfast Lonneke 2weeks2fitness Day 3

Carrot lentil burgers

When I bought a juicer, to make my own fresh juice, I started to think what I could do with the pulp.

carrot juicing
carrot juicing

The moment I made carrot juice, I thought, I can try to imitate the carrot beignets I got at Piet Hein Eek Restaurant last week, with the leftover pulp!


Ingredients for carrot lentil burger
Ingredients for carrot-lentil burger


Ingredients I used:

*carrot pulp

*lentils in a can

*fresh parsley

*1 onion.



*olive oil.

* fresh spinach.

How to make?

Put all ingredients in a blender and chop it until it becomes of a smooth consistency.

Carrot lentil burger ingredients
chop all the ingredients

Then use a spoon to take an amount out, and use your hands to form a round burger like figure.  Put a pan on the stove and on  medium heat add some light olive oil and the burgers in the pan.

the burgers in a pan

Turn them around when the bottom gets a bit brown. (If your burger falls apart, just use a spoon to form it back to the original form. ) In another pan, let the spinach shrink. Serve together when ready. Add some yoghurt dressing (or another dressing) for extra flavor)

the final result!

Bon Appetit!

Love, Lonneke

Lonneke & Munemi

Green Shopping!

Today I went to have lunch with Munemi Imai, who is a top make up artist, and besides that she always makes me so beautiful when we work together, is also a very nice woman to hang out with!

She also contributes on Organice Your Life®, the website and the magazine, about aromatherapy and skincare, I would really suggest you check out her tips and tricks as she is a genius in getting beautiful skin! (go to Munemi's Organice Your Life® page here)

Lonneke & Munemi

After a healthy lunch we went shopping at one of my favorite stores: Sustainable NYC. This store has everything for your home, and yourself, and all products are the most eco friendly, sustainable, green, recycled, organic, local, fair trade they can find. Of course I can never leave this store without buying things! I always buy fun and original gifts here. Like a bag made out of an old tire. Or a wine bottle cap made from a used billiards ball. Or the bracelets made out of old records. They also have clothing, TOMS shoes, baby products and more. The coming weeks I will focus on a few of my favorite products I get from there. I am sure you can also order them online somewhere if you don't live in NYC. I just get so inspired when I go here!

So I got a notebook with the words "Inspire" on it, hand painted and made out of 100% post consumer waste fiber, by Ecojot. I love notebooks and I always get happy when I get a new, clean one I can write my thoughts and to do lists in.

Ecojot notebook

They also carry these fun staplers that don't use any staples to attach two papers to each other! It is called "Eco Staple Free Stapler" and it states: " For a greener planet, one less staple at a time". It is also child safe, and will not result in paper waste. I found it in a nice "Organice Your Life" color green. By Made by Humans. (check out their site they have many more clever products!)

Eco stapler

A new thing I saw was this organic make up brand that is packaged in recycled and biodegradable packaging called "Couleur Caramel". Their mission statement from their website:

Couleur Caramel mission statement 1

Couleur Caramel mission statement 2

Couleur Caramel mission statement 3

I really liked how they displayed their eye shadows, hanging in these cardboard packaging.

Couleur Caramel

And then some great recycled jewelry:

Jillery Jewelry

Jillery Jewelry

Also what was cute, were these necklaces by Jillery Jewelry with letters made of recycled aluminium. These featherlight necklaces and hangers were available in gold and silver. The price $19.50 was not that much! But if you want to have a nice necklace in real gold, I have to let you know that you should check out my sisters jewelry line Minitials, which she started with a friend and offers the most beautiful necklaces & bracelets with initials in gold. I wear my "L" always!

Other products I can't do without here are the soy based nail polish remover by Priti, the John Masters organic shampoo with evening primrose for dry hair, the air refreshener by Clean Air and the feminine care by Maxim. (women should never use non-organic feminine products, for a simple reason: to avoid chemicals getting into their bloodstream. That's why I always use organic tampons etc! So tell your girlfriends, moms & sisters to make sure they do that as well!)

Lonneke at Sustainable NYC

But maybe the smartest thing I bought today were these fair trade gloves. The women who make them Super soft and warm, and with a smart little touch: the index finger and thumb have a hole, so you can keep typing on your smart phone without taking your gloves off! Now that's what I call smart thinking! by Andes gifts.

Andes Gifts gloves

To get a glimpse what Sustainable NYC is about, check their store website and start some shopping! (p.s. look at the cute fake flowers I got made of wool! LOVE! oh, and if you spend enough, they give you a cute tote bag as well! )

Lonneke at Sustainable NYC



Lonneke presenting TGFC season 2

The Green Fashion Competition finale season 2

Lonneke presenting TGFC season 2

During Amsterdam Fashion Week in February 2012, The Green Fashion Competition was going to announce the winners of season 2 . As I am the Ambassador of this great competition, I was going to host the live show. For this, I wore a beautiful green dress by Elsien Gringhuis, the winner of Season 1.  The evening started with Elsien showing her new collection.

TGFC logo

TGFC campaign

About TGFC:

 The Green Fashion Competition has been initiated to create a shift towards a more ecological economy, this by stimulating Entrepreneurs and Green Fashion. After the competition the designers that win are being supported to make sure they become really a sustainable brand, a fashion label that is green and a fashion label hat lasts.

Queen Maxima

This year it was going to be even more exciting, as we heard that HRH Princess Maxima of the Netherlands was going to attend this show and this show only! Of course that got me a bit nervous, but exciting as well!  And next to that, the winner was going to be announced by Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, Maxime Verhagen. With these kind of special people supporting us, of course we got a lot of  press and attention.

I had the chance to speak to Princess Maxima after the show. She is truly a remarkable strong and beautiful woman! I think the dutch can be proud that she will become the Queen of the Netherlands in the future together with Crown Prince Willem-Alexander who will be King.  She was also very interested in the winning designers, in their production process, and where they get there yarn and other products from. I think she liked the show!

HRH Princess Maxima of the Netherlands
HRH Princess Maxima of the Netherlands wearing Jan Taminiau by Joey Holthaus

Minister Maxime Verhagen and Princess Maxima

Lonneke and Princess Maxima having a conversation about TGFC
Lonneke and Princess Maxima having a conversation about TGFC

About the winners of The Green Fashion Competition:

Winner of Category 2, the young entrepreneurs who are just starting out in the fashion industry, was won by NYC based designer Carrie Parry! She had a colorful collection of wearable clothing, and with that she won 15000 euros and the support of the Green Fashion Competition group of business experts so she can create a successful business.

Winner Carrie Parry
Lonneke, Carrie Parry, Maxime Verhagen by Joey Holthaus

Winner of Category 1, the existing fashion labels, was Studio Jux. They have their work space in Nepal, and overall had the best business plan and outfits. They also have a men'sline of clothing. They won 25000 euros and the support of The Green Fashion Competition group of business experts so they can continue a successful business as they have right now.

TGFC winner Studio Jux
Lonneke, Studio Jux, Maxime Verhagen by Joey Holthaus
Lonneke presenting in front of 800 guests
Lonneke presenting in front of 800 guests by Joey Holthaus

Season 2 video:


And video of Season 1:

IN season one Note: This year The Green Collective was created, which also consists of The Green Design Competition with Ambassador Jurgen Bey, and The Green Architecture Competition, with Ambassador Johan van Lierop.

I hope initiatives like these will promote green fashion around the world!

Love, Lonneke

The road of Life.

I haven't posted anything for a long time, because I was super busy making everything behind-the-scenes of Organice Your Life® work. I hired Lisa to work full-time on the site and magazine, and I am very happy so far!

In the meantime, I have done photoshoots, with lots of pictures coming out soon, I survived 2 earthquakes and 1 Hurricane in 2 weeks.(That is the earthquake in NYC and Hurricane Irene, and one earthquake in the Netherlands when I just returned there!). I also discovered I might be allergic to gluten, as I feel tired after eating bread.... I also turned 30 which really makes me feel mature, happy and full of energy for the rest of my life. My best friend got married. A lot of friends are having babies.. Lot's of things on my mind, lots of things to think about...My boyfriend and I have a long distance relationship, and I travel all over the world. My sister lives in another country as her boyfriend plays soccer there (or football as we say) A lot of things happening around me, all at once.

Even I, who set up Organice Your Life®, feel that I have to "organice" my life still. It is not perfect ever, the road of life is a continuous path of ups and downs, thoughts and experiences and never knowing which way it will go. Going with the flow, while making wise moves.There is no right, there is no wrong. Just love and respect your own feelings and others. I try to prepare for the near future, while trying to decide what the way is that makes me happy at the moment, as I never know what the future will bring.

But what if certain experiences, can make you feel totally out of control within yourself? Like you are losing control of the situation? While you always thought everything is in control? After experiencing the feeling of an near empty NYC in preparation for hurricane Irene, that looked more like Doomsday, and the earthquake that literally shook everything in my apartment, I thought: what if disaster really struck seriously? What is it I am doing in my life? What do I want to really do in my life? What is in the future for me? What should I do? Who should I spend time with? Kids or not? Marriage? NYC or the Netherlands? or maybe Scotland? Even Paris? I think you need moments to take your own time, to meditate, to feel, to get in contact with your true heart, feelings and thoughts. Process it all, find out why things are happening, and assess. You need time to just think and make a few decisions that maybe make YOUR LIFE  (in this case MY life) better and gives you the room to breath, and think happy thoughts and just love it all.

I decided I am going to visit my sister soon as I miss her. I decided I am eating less bread unless it is made of spelt as it probably will make me feel less tired. I decided to really take time to find out what I need in love, friends, family space, place to live and in my work. I need to really pick up my fitness again. But mostly: In a month it has been exactly 10 years ago that my father passed away. The person who supported me throughout the first part of my career and was besides that, an awesome dad. I never really got through it, I just went on with my life.I started to recently process the pain and loss for the first time. All these feelings together worn me out a bit emotionally and I just need time to think, relax and feel. Take a step back to jump forward. This all is just my road of Life, and I try to live and enjoy it fully!

Love, Lonneke

picture: "Gili Trawangan beach by sunset" by Alexia van der Meijden