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Lonneke Engel Grazia Nederland top

Lonneke Engel for Grazia Nederland

Hello Everyone! A few months ago I did my first photo shoot in 2 years, and the result was published today. In Grazia I share my story of recovering from a burnout and post traumatic stress disorder, as well as suffering from an autoimmune disease. I also open up on how I spent the past […]

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5 ways to hide vegetables in food

A lot of people don’t like to eat vegetables or beans, even though they know they are good for you. Kids are really good at that. So here are 5 ways to hide vegetables in food, and no one will ever know because they taste so good! Why don’t you try these 5 recipes? 1. […]

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Zucchini banana bread mini muffins for breakfast.

Zucchini banana bread muffins

I found the ingredients to this recipe on a note written by my friend, singer  Maruja Retana, and decided to add my touch to it. The result? Delicious zucchini banana bread muffins great for in-between snack or as a healthy breakfast muffin to start the day. I love them even more as they come in […]

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veggie medley

veggie medley a la Provence

This is just a simple delicious dish. and really easy! Step 1: buy veggie patties of your choice. Step 2: get all the leftover veggies from your fridge and cut them up in small chunks. You can also buy fresh veggies that fit well in the French kitchen. Think red onions, peas, carrots, parsnips, broccoli, […]

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Naif Quality Baby Care- 1

Naïf quality baby care

There is a new player in town when it comes to baby care! Naïf quality baby care is a Dutch brand started by 2 fathers who were looking for a better and mild baby care products for their kids. First of all , I asked the founders why their products are not organic, because I […]

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Consume less live more

Consume less – Live more on

My latest article just went online on you, the amazing website of dr. Oz &  dr. Roizen. ” A simple formula for a great life: Consume Less – Live More” When you look around, you probably see ads everywhere. Whether on the street, or on your computer, TV and phone, you are constantly triggered […]

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9/11 Memorial Museum

That one day in September 2011. Everybody remembers where they were at that exact time. Where were you?  The Netherlands, September 11th 2011. I just had cleaned the stables and fed the horses and went inside my family’s home. It was about 3.15 pm and I turn on the TV, just to unwind for a […]

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OYL coffee

How we make the best organic coffee at home

This Organice Your Life clip shows you how Lonneke and her husband Dirk make the best organic coffee at home! This time it was a Latte macchiato, made with their favorite organic coffee by Antica Tostatura Triestina, an Italian coffee company of their friend Alessandro Hausbrandt. Antica has many kinds and flavors of coffee. Dirk […]

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Melon fruit soup

Melon Fruit Soup

When it is hot outside, or when you crave something sweet, or when you need to eat something light: a fruit soup is the answer! And it is so easy to make too! My Mother-in-Law Marlies makes this all the time, and I love it! Check out the recipe. Love, Lonneke Melon Fruit Soup A light […]

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The OYL Circle of Five by Wubbo Ockels

Organice Your Home: “I have solar panels on my house. I also sold my 4 cars and now
 I don’t own any car. I take my bike everywhere, or I take public transportation if I have to go somewhere far.” Organice Your Agenda: “I like giving lectures and teaching, especially to young children because they […]

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Wubbo Ockels Interview by Lonneke Engel

Prof. Dr. Wubbo J. Ockels (1946) is a brand in itself. His track record is impressive. He was the first Dutchman in Space aboard the last successful trip of the Space Shuttle challenger before it exploded on its 23rd flight. Wubbo Ockels is a physicist, a professor at TU delft University of Technology, director of […]

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Wubo Ockels - Goodbye with a Smile

Wubbo Ockels: Goodbye with a Smile

Toen ik een jong meisje was wist ik al wie Wubbo Ockels was. Want Wubbo Ockels was als eerste Nederlandse man in de ruimte geweest. Dat vond ik toen al heel intrigerend.  Iedereen kent Wubbo Ockels als de astronaut, maar de laatste jaren was Wubbo Ockels, professor Aerospace for Sustainable Engineering and Technology bij TU […]

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