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Never say Never! Or What’s up with Lavender Tea?

If 3 years ago someone came to me and said that I would be making lavender tea and drying orange peels on my kitchen counter, I would say “not me!” And here I am, 3 years later drinking tea with dried orange peels that were left from my morning juice, mixing it with local Lavender […]

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Essential oil instead of a perfume

I believe that we all have our favorite perfume that just right for us. But I think sometimes It’s a good idea to skip your commercial perfume routing, because God knows how much chemicals had been added to it. Better and healthier alternative is essential oils. Pick your favorite at your health food store. There […]

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Sleep Sweet ~ Essential Oilz Scented Sheets

One of my favourite things is to hop into my freshly washed organic bamboo sheets after a Thalassotherapy bath (see my previous post). The feeling is enhanced to a calm euphoria when the sheets have been sprinkled with the soothing scents of Lavender & Marjoram essential oils. You may know a little of the calming effect Lavender has upon the mind & body. […]

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