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The OYL Circle of Five by Wubbo Ockels

Organice Your Home: “I have solar panels on my house. I also sold my 4 cars and now
 I don’t own any car. I take my bike everywhere, or I take public transportation if I have to go somewhere far.” Organice Your Agenda: “I like giving lectures and teaching, especially to young children because they […]

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OYL Checklist – Wubbo Ockels

song: “Purple Rain” by Prince. I took it with me to Space, it was and still is my favorite song and a strong human expression.” tattoo: “I got the Happy Energy logo tattooed on my arm, it was a present for my 65th birthday.” food: “I like fish, especially prepared the way they do it […]

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Brendan Brazier Interview by Lonneke Engel

Lonneke Engel interviews Brendan Brazier, Ironman Triathlete, plant-based nutrition expert and Vega founder at Candle Cafe in NYC.

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Ranomi Kromowidjojo, Dutch Olympic Swimmer interview by Lonneke Engel

Lonneke Engel interviews Ranomi Kromowidjojo, Dutch Swimmer and Olympic Gold medalist.

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Beau_Young_001-cr (1)

Beau Young: Peace be with you.

Beau Young >> The name conjures up a gorgeous image which inspires me! It’s one of my favourite Aussie surfer, poised on the nose of his 9.4 surfboard, five toes over, left leg bent behind him from the knee with foot raised behind him, arms outstretched – ‘crucifix five.‘ How is it that I was […]

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Interview with Mimi Kirk – the raw food diet enthusiast.

Curious about raw food diet and its benefits? I interviewed a 73 year old Mimi Kirk – the raw foodist, winner of an annual contest “Sexiest vegetarian over 50” and an author of    “Live Raw” the  raw food recipe book.  She shares with us her skin care routine, her exercise, a basic raw food recipe […]

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Organic Wine: Interview with Founder of Yellow+Blue Wines

With the booming popularity of natural and organic grocery stores has come a greater demand for organic wine.  I interviewed Matthew Cain, the Founder of  Yellow+Blue Wines about the company and the growing industry. Yellow+Blue is one of OYL’s favorite organic wine brands because its top of the line taste, affordability and eco-friendly packaging. Can you explain […]

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My Interview with Denise Mari: Founder of Organic Avenue

In April myself and a few other Organice Your Life contributors were lucky enough to to complete a cleanse with Organic Avenue, which was part of our OYL Detox week, and where we each documented on our blogs a day by day breakdown of each day! (Look back at past posts to see our reviews and […]

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