Organice Your Home

Organize Your Life: Make Your House Your Home

The first step in the Organice Your Life circle of 5 is : Organice Your Home. Let me give you a short introduction to how you make your house your home!

Organice Your Life - Circle of FiveTo start “organizing your life in an organic and nice way", also known as "Organice Your Life", you should start with your home base, and do a complete inventory and organization of it. You can’t see clearly what part of your life needs improvement, when the place you live or staying at, is not organized. A cluttered home equals a cluttered mind. Whether it is your home or a temporary stay, you need to know what your foundation is made of. See your life as a house. You can’t build a solid house from the ground up, if the foundation is weak. Your place of residence is your foundation. So, how does it look? Start first by cleaning up, organizing and fixing things. Maybe adding some TLC . After "organicing" your home, you know exactly what you have, what you don’t have, what you need or don’t need. Getting rid of things feels like eliminating toxic waste. Plus, next time you go shopping you only buy what you truly need. By making the place you live comfy and nice, will make everybody present feel good.

The Five steps to Organice your Home

1. Organice Your Living Spaces

Settling the different areas of your house. 

The layout of your home is very important to create a good "flow". Are all the rooms and spaces used the right way? Is all the furniture in the best place? Maybe reorganize and make it flow better!

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2. Organice Your Household

Managing the cleaning & organizing of your house.

Hygiene is important. Find a routine in cleaning your home. The more of a routine you have, the more clean and organized your space will look most of the time, and you won't create a big mess that takes even longer to clean up! This way you will also know where everything is. When you need those items, they are easier to find.

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3.  Organice Your Home Design

Making your house feel like home.

This is all about renovation and interior design of your home!  Paint and the right furniture, pictures, you name it. A little bit of updating here and there, painting and maybe a new piece of furniture? Add those special ornaments that mean so much to you, or those pictures that bring back memories.

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4. Organice Your Home Ambiance

Bringing some nice atmosphere to your home.

You can create a nice "vibe" by adding the right lights and candles, heat, scents and a good air flow. Anything that makes you "feel" great inside your home! I love salt lamps, essential oils, little candles and an air purifier to help the environment of my space.

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5. Organice Your Home: Flora & Fauna

Taking care of your plants and pets, indoors and outdoors.

Plants can be beneficial for the air quality and bring joy to a home. They need care and attention just like your children, pets, relationships and of course, yourself.

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Many households have pets. These loving animals also need their space in your home. When you have given them a spot that they love too, you will see the whole home is coming together just right.

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Get a schedule together for the care of your plants. Get a schedule for the care of your pets. Make it a routine and they will do really well.

Start organizing your home by following these steps and think about how you can make your house your home!

Love, Lonneke


Oven cleaning with lemon

For everyone who needs to "Organice" their home, and especially clean their home regularly, it is great if you know smart tips to make it easier and more fun! Here is another one for your oven.


As you know I love cooking,as cooking yourself is just the healthiest thing you can do! But that means I am using my oven a lot so that it becomes dirty. But I don't worry, as I have the perfect thing to help me clean my oven faster and easier!

This is my oven cleaning tip: oven cleaning with lemon! Take a bowl that is heat resistant and fill it with water. Then take a lemon or a lime, cut it in half and squeeze the juice so it mixes with the water. Put the lemon or lime also in the bowl. Put this in the oven and turn it on until the water starts to boil. Then, turn off the oven and let it cool off with the door closed. This little trick will not only make it much easier to clean your oven, as the bowl will attract the dirt and grease from the oven, but it also smells delicious.

p.s. a lemon is also great to clean the top of the stove with. it is anti-grease!

Love, Lonneke

Organize my home on a budget

One year, we had a big renovation in our rental house. Finally we got double (or insulated) windows, central heating, a new ventilation system, new kitchen, bathroom and toilet, and new balconies. Everything was really old and dirty, so we were happy for this big change in our house. Not to mention the mount we would save on our energy bill. We had to move out for several weeks, and when our house was finished we wanted to make a fresh start!

Window during winter before renovation, window winter after revovation
Windows before/after renovation
Old stuff for flea market
Old stuff for flea market
Moodboard of pictures I've made (@ headquarter Humanoid) and pictures we found on blogs.
My mood board

We had the idea to change most of our furniture, but we didn't had much money. So what to do?

A few weeks before our renovation we had to pack all of our stuff in boxes; the house had to be empty for the construction workers. Best moment to make choices: what are we going to keep? And what are we going to throw away?

Or better: what are we going to sell? We wanted to sell all of our old stuff at a flea market, to create money for new furniture! We packed ten moving boxes, got one big clothing rack, and collected so much more.

With a lot of enthusiasm, fun and sunshine, me and my husband had a great day! Sales of this day? 530 EUR (715 US dollars)!!!

So now we had a budget: 530 EUR to buy furniture. We didn't want to buy new stuff, cause we prefer vintage furniture. We love the old look and feel of a used piece. We made a mood board with some pretty things, and then we went searching: flea markets, second-hand stores, internet.

And we found some real good stuff!

Checklist to organice your home on a budget

Old furniture

  • Collect your old stuff in your house. Take your time; do it when the weather is bad, or when you are bored.
  •  Take pictures, and put it on internet (eBay, marketplace, etc) so people can place bids. You can also rent a stall at a flea market in your neighborhood.

New furniture

  • Make your own moodboard. What do you like? Buy magazines, follow vintage blogs, look around, visit second hand stores and make pictures.
  • Make time to search for beautiful vintage furniture on the internet. When you find something you really want mail or call the seller immediately! Place your own bid!
  • When you want to buy something from the internet, don't check everything all the time. Check the new advertisements every day. Look at old advertisements when you have more time.
  • Take your time! You don't have to hurry. Tomorrow is another day to look around. Make your own plan, make it fun. But don't hesitate when you find something you really like: buy it!

Places I visited

I hope you are inspired.. I'm in love with our home on a budget!


p.s. Visit my work at Haus of Joey!

renovating my bathroom on a budget

The past weeks I have been renovating my bathroom. It was a big task but I learned a lot along the way.

My bathroom

When I moved in 13 years ago my bathroom was dark grey. (see top of bathroom, I kept it that grey. Not only because I like a two-tone wall, I live in a loft and I am simply too short to paint that high up)  I liked the tiles on the floor, but the bathroom was a bit cold and dark in my opinion. the rest of my apartment was very colorful (bright green, orange and blue walls) that my bathroom was the opposite. The past years I have been updating the rest of my apartment and the colorful walls have become more neutral tones, it was time to get my bathroom updated too! I spread all the work over the course of a few weeks (sorry hubby and guest for having to use a bathroom that was a work in progress during that time!)

Renovation essentials to "organice" my bathroom

Years ago I bought this paint that was a lovely olive green color. Since that time I did not make time to update the bathroom, so it was still sitting there in a can. Luckily it was still good! But I had to get a few other things to start this renovating process:

  • paint brushes
  • paint rollers in different sizes
  • paint roller covers
  • painters tape
  • paint tray
  • plastic covers for the floor
  • spackling paste
  • putty knife
  • sanding paper, soft and coarse
  • acetone
  • old rags
  • alcohol
  • water and soap
  • vacuum cleaner

How I started renovating my bathroom

Day 1

First I added spackling paste in all the dents and holes using a putty knife and let it dry for a day.

Day 2

Tried to paint an area to see how it would look.

Had to do a 2nd layer of spackling in a few spots and sand them when they were dry.

Day 3

Next sanded the surfaces a little bit so they are smooth. I had a bit of water damage her and there, and tried to sand it down as much as I could. The only other option was to remove the cabinet doors, but I do not want to do that right now. So I made it look the best I could!

I wiped everything off with some water and soap, and some rubbing alcohol to remove grease

Day 4

Add tape to tape off the areas I wanted to paint

More spackling in the areas on the walls that were damaged.

Day 5-8

Started painting the doors and insides of the bathroom cabinets. I had to use a primer for the sanded surfaces and painted 2 layers of white:

and I had asked a representative of the Janovic Paint store to give me advice on which white paint I should get for my bathroom.

Day 9-16

Started to paint the bathroom walls Antique Olive by Glidden in semi-gloss. ( I had bought this color of paint at Home Depot.)  Since the walls were dark grey I had to paint over it at least 3 times. I used a small roller and paint brush for the small crevices and hard to reach areas, and a larger roller for the large areas. I let it dry at least 1 day in between the layers of paint. I have to admit it was a lot of work and it seemed to take forever which was a bit discouraging, but I kept telling myself the result would be worth it. (and that turned out to be true!) I also ruined a Patagonia sweater and Alternative sweatpants as they now have paint stains on them.. oh well, time to go shopping there again! (And using these items for when I paint again, for instance my art work)

Tip: Instead of rolling my paint roller in the paint tray, I used the brush to add paint onto the roller. It took a bit of time, but I did not waste much paint and I also did not spill as much when painting high up.

Day 17

Cleaned up everything using water and soap, baking soda and vinegar. Old rags and acetone are used to remove paint stains. You have no idea how much a bathroom improves by just giving the bathroom a good scrub.

Day 18

Redecorated the bathroom adding some ornaments I found that are complementing the new color. I went shopping at TJ Maxx as they have great items for very cheap for my bathroom! Hung up my favorite photo of Fairest Photo, one of a rusty fire hydrant in NYC that matches the green really well. Added a new shower curtain, scent sticks and new  bathroom floor mats.

Result of my bathroom renovations

Because I did everything myself, the financial budget was very low, I think I spent altogether less than 150 bucks including paint, brushes, bath mats and a new shower curtain. Looking online at what it all costs, I probably spent even less than 100 bucks on it! But I did spent a lot of time on it, and some say that time is money. For me it was very therapeutical: I started a project, and finished it, without stress and in my own pace. Painting is good for your mindfulness, stress release and lowering cortisol and adrenaline. You also have time to think about stuff in peace and quiet. ( or you turn on some music while painting, do what suits you best!)

Tip: People advised me to go neutral. But a good color done in a stylish way, can really make your walls pop. Most of all, you need to choose the color that you love, as you will be the one constantly looking at it while at home.

Now I look at my bathroom and am happy whenever I spend time there, whether it is for a long time while having a nice hot shower, or just a few minutes. Putting in some effort to renovate, fix up or update your home, is worth it, especially if the result makes you feel warm inside every time you see it!


Love, Lonneke

Drying laundry in an eco-friendly way

When I do my laundry, I use a dryer for towels, but most of my clothes I let dry on a rack inside my home, or I dry them outside, with nature helping me ( If the weather is good of course).

Drying your laundry in an environmentally friendly way

About 6% of annual total electricity use in a family home seems to come from drying clothes with a dryer. As the clothing dryer takes a lot of electricity each time you use it, it is the best choice for the environment to dry it with help of the Sun and wind. I like a clothing dryer like this one below (click on image), and of course you can also dry your laundry inside your home.

Besides that, the laundry dried this way stays better, longer. Yes a dryer makes the clothes feel softer, but it actually weakens the fabric ( the lint is pieces of fabric out of your clothes) And drying it outside doesn't do that. The Sun also helps clear up stains, and makes whites look whiter. (this of course if you live in an area with little air pollution).

I hang my shirts on a clothing hanger to dry.

It is good to think about things you do at home every day, and find ways to keep your clothing in shape longer, and saving money as well!

Love, Lonneke

Put Your Life on a Diet by Gregory Johnson


Put your Life on a Diet by gregory Johnson
Put your Life on a Diet by gregory Johnson

If you want to know what living in 140 square feet is like, read this book!

I read it, and I found that the writer, Gregory Johnson, has a lot of the same ideas as we have at Organice Your Life®, on living an organized life. So that's why I would totally recommend this book! (it is not expensive to buy!)

The Story of Put Your Life on a Diet

Gregory was overweight, unhappy and not in the right place in his life. He started to detox his life and started living in a super small house of 140 square feet. He showers at the gym and only has the basic necessary things in his home (which turns out that you don't need that much really). Now he became more active, lost weight, and feels happier!

He believes that most people just work to be able to pay for their living expenses. They want to live in a big house that comes with costs, not because they really need it, but they want the space and the status. If you live in a smaller house, you have less expenses, less things to take care of, and then either you have more money in the end or you can work less, and then you have more time to spend with loved ones and friends....

It is an inspiring and interesting story. I wouldn't recommend living in 140 square feet, but Gregory does have a point, and you can learn a lot from his journey in finding out what works best for him!

About the author

"Gregory Paul Johnson is the founder and Director of Resources for Life, an outreach and public interest organization based in Iowa City, Iowa. His study of Urban and Regional Planning with the Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs (HECUA) included travel to several South American countries including Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Today, as a technology consultant, Gregory works for the University of Iowa as well as clients served by his consulting firm, the Technology Services Resource Group."


Gregory Johnson and fiancee Makur Jain in front of their house

Gregory Johnson and fiancee Makur Jain in front of their house If you want more information on his house, click here. It is actually a really cute house and looks like it comes out of a fairy tale.

To Order Click here -->Put Your Life on a Diet by Gregory Johnson

Love, Lonneke 

First published on January 29th 2013, updated in 2020

Photos by Gregory Johnson

Camping: Back to Basic!

I want to go down memory lane and tell you about a photoshoot I did a long time ago for dutch Glamour Magazine with photographer Paul Bellaart. Stylist Jetteke van Lexmond insisted on having me to shoot this story. It was a lovely experience to visit the Netherlands, and just the right kind of place for me!

The location of the shoot

We shot at a camp site at an Estate called "Thornspick" located in one of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands: the Veluwe. This estate had only 4 tents, surrounded by trees and plants, they were very luxurious and looked more like safari tents.

And now the fun part that I like:

To use the luxury you needed to work:

  • To get warm water you had to heat it.
  • To have electricity you had to ride a bike to generate electricity, that was then stored in a battery and was then ready for use.
  • Cooking was done by yourself ( that's ok!)
  • ...and for doing the dishes as well ( that's too bad...)
  • But... This way the camp site is CARBONEUTRAL! Pretty cool huh? Just like camping, that's cool too! The company is called "Het Verborgen Verblijf".

Translated in English it is something like "The Hidden Place". The link is in dutch, but you get a feeling of what it looks like.


Going back to basic, doing everything yourself, together and with nature. I grew up camping with the family. We went multiple times a year. Those are my fondest memories of my childhood. We would stay in a "vouwwagen" or tent, and our daily entertainment wouldn't cost a thing. We would just go on an adventure in the woods next to the campsite, and bake potatoes and marshmallows on a bonfire. We would swim in a pond, or a river nearby. I would make friends from far away cities like Delft, or Leeuwarden, and we would become penpals and stay in contact after the vacation was over, and send each other mail the old school way. We played games. Not on a computer, we would play boardgames  and bingo until late at night, or we would make up our own games with whatever we found on the site. Good memories..

I hope more people will start seeing the beauty of going back to basic and instead of spending lots of money, go to nearby campsites, like this one. The kids will love it much more than an expensive hotel room!

The shoot went well and we all had renewed energy of being in a place like this. I went home with a box full of organic eggs, that were very tasty!

These were the pictures we shot that day!


Glamour 2010 shot at Thornspick

Glamour 2010 shot at Thornspick

Glamour 2010 shot at Thornspick

Glamour 2010 shot at Thornspick

Glamour 2010 shot at Thornspick

Glamour 2010 shot at Thornspick


Love, Lonneke

First published in 2013, updated in 2019

OYL Circle of Five by Joey Holthaus

Here I was, getting ready to go onstage... to supposedly convince and inspire thousands of people... to get unified and to fight the prejudice... you know, that I couldn't even inspire seven dancers. - Madonna TRUTH OR DARE, 1990

Do you know that feeling when you want to change the world? When you want to inspire people? But you can’t even inspire yourself sometimes?

That’s how I felt a while ago. I was lost. I didn’t know what to do. How to begin. How to get the energy again.

My life changed in 2013

Let me tell you about the months in my life in mid-2013 as a lot changed for me. I resigned my parttime job because I wanted to really focus on my company HAUS OF JOEY. I only want to work as a freelance illustrator. A lot of people around me told me also to quit my job. "Just do what you do best. You can do it! Just focus!" So I did. Without a real plan.

I forgot that I always had a job (since I was nineteen). I always had a boss. I always got my money at the end of the month. I had a rhythm every day: get up, go to work, own your money, go to home, spend some time with my husband, go to my friends, etc. I loved it, but I was also used to it. It was regular. Normal. In control. And I love it to be in control. Cause I’m a control freak.

That all ended. Now I am my own boss.
Now I have make my own plans, my own choices, my own rules, etc.
Now I have to make my own money... Oi!

I started too positive. Too happy. Because I had some money. No worries, right? I took some time to get in my new mood, my new rhythm. And it was hard. It felt like I was in rehab.

It’s always busy in my creative head, and I had to do a lot. But how to start? Where to begin?

And then I thought about one episode of Oprah. Rudine Howard suffered from lifelong anorexia, and Oprah followed her story from 1989 to her death in 1994. When Traci Gold appeared with Rudine (age 29 and 58 lbs.), Traci insisted Rudine could overcome anorexia by taking steps to “fill your mind.” Rudine heart-wrenchingly asked, “But how do you do it?” It changed Oprah’s way of thinking.

That is it. That is what everybody wants to know. How? This is the central question in life. - Oprah

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not comparing myself with this sad story, or the woman who suffered from this disease. It’s all about her question. How? How do you do it? How do you get a succesful business? What do you have to do?

The Organice Your Life®'s the Circle of Five

I thought about Organice Your Life®'s the Circle of Five. These 5 steps can help you to organize and improve your home, your finances, your career, your health, your relationships, and your good charitable work for others.

Why not start with that? Just to get back on track. So I did.

1. Organice Your Home

I cleaned up my atelier, my work office. Started with my administration, organiced all my old illustrations (hundreds!!!), pictures (thousands!), etc. It took some time but boy, I’m so happy I did it! Luckely my place at home was already organiced!

1-HOME-1READ MORE: Organize Your Shoe Closet

2. Organice Your AGENDA

I started reading “Start from Your Heart”, a book about how to start your company in your own steps, with your own feelings. It helped me to get back to basic. Why do I want to get a successful business? What do I want to earn? What are my goals? For now? And for the next couple of years?

I’ve written everything down, and now I have my own manuscript about how to start my own company. And I did it in the way I wanted to do it. It felt so good. Cleaned up my head again.


3. Organice YOURSELF

I love to take care of my body and mind. But sometimes I need structure to get back the focus. I do not drink a lot, and don’t use any drugs. I’m trying to eat better (step by step, with the help of great Organice Your Life recipes, and I’m doing my exercises again. All at home. Low budget.3-YOURSELF-(1)3-YOURSELF-(2)My schedule? In the morning I start with the sun salutation and after that I do my push-ups, or use some dumbles. I run 3 times a week. It gives me such a nice feeling, and my body’s getting back in shape again!

4. Organice Your RELATIONSHIPS

My situation in 2013

Husband - I married the best man in the whole world! He supports me in everything, and he believes in me. Every Wednesday evening is our night, and we do something together: we’re going to the movies, having dinner outside, take a walk. Such good quality time.

Family - I love my brothers and sister. We talk almost every day (thank God for group whatsapp), and once a while we go out together. Crazy nights!

Friends - My friends are really important to me. I really take the time to visit them, to be around them. Good friends are gold. They give me positive energy and love, and I can really be myself around them.

5. Organice Your GOOD HEART

I’m trying to be a good person. A few months ago I found a wallet on the street. Couldn’t find a telephone number inside, but a lot of his (credit) cards. Found his name on the internet and called him, and he was so grateful I called him. I didn’t noticed the wallet was filled with a lot of money (I did not search for it), but when he came back to pick up the wallet he saw all the money was there (think it was more than 1000 EUR). He wanted to give me a reward. I didn’t want it, but he insisted. He gave me 200 euro (!) and walked away. I was flabbergasted. Okay, I could have all the money if I kept the wallet, but I’m not one of those people. It wasn’t mine and I believe in karma. I know this is just a little thing, but a good heart starts with simple things. Be kind. Be helpful. Be a human.

These five steps help me to focus. Focus on what’s important.

Challenge yourself and try it. It really helps!


Shout out for fashion entrepreneurs!

Campaign Image The Green Fashion Competition

Are you a talented fashion designer? And do you have an organiced® lifestyle and thus create beautiful designs which are socially and environmentally responsible?

Well you're in luck as the second season of The Green Fashion Competition launched during Amsterdam International Fashion Week last month with a unique ‘sneaker- installation’ by OAT shoes and great presentation by our ambassador Lonneke Engel (also featured in all of our stunning campaign imagery!).

The competition question is:
Design three outfits and write a business plan, which explains how your fashion enterprise contributes to sustaining Biodiverstiy"

The competition is aimed at entrepreneurs who can create exciting and ‘catwalk-worthy’ fashion, while sustaining our world’s biodiversity. This season we have created two categories. The second category is for recent graduates and designers who have presented less than three collections. The first category is for recognised fashion enterprises, who have presented at least three collections.

Are you, or do you know an ideal participant for competition? Please visit our website for all of the details and make sure to enrol before September 30th!

Besides a first prize of €25.000,-, a show at Amsterdam International Fashion Week, visibility in Sublime magazine and connection with the Fashion Week network,  participation within The Green Fashion Competition also provides one-on-one coaching and tailored workshops on entrepreneurship, biodiversity, innovation and technology; a complete kit for the budding (and more advanced) fashion entrepreneur.

Enrolment is possible until September 30th. We are looking forward to receiving your submission!