plastic vs. glass straw

glass strawI went to one of my favorite raw restaurants to grab some lunch, and I noticed that they are selling Glass Straws. And I thought 'WOW! A glass straw is an amazing solution for our plastic waste problem!' it is very small but still a big help!

Think about how much garbage already exists on our planet and plus every time you purchase your smoothie or juice, you use one of those plastic straws. 5 minutes later - its all in the trash. And like this everyday!

Well, now you can buy only one glass straw and carry it around with you. It's made of high quality glass and will last forever.

  • a glass straw doesn't leak toxins into your food as you drink
  • each time you use your glass straw equals one less plastic straw ending up in your landfill
  • one glass straw replaces thousands of plastic straw

There is a great one by  Glass Dharma for sale on Amazon.

Love, Valentina