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New York City outdoor workout with friends!

It’s Summer in NYC and this one is the mildest of the last few years… We are in mid July and the thermometers haven’t reached 100 degrees yet. For me there isn’t a better combination than meeting with friends and doing a New York City outdoor workout! Last week our best friends Ricardo Baldin and his […]

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Making of Model Chocolate part 2

Hello beautiful readers! I share the cacao love with Organice Your Life® contributor Abigail O’Neill, so what’s better than getting together for some model chocolate making with friends? As Lonneke already shared her favorite recipe from Abigail’s Model Chocolate book HERE, I’m gonna share mine with you all. First of all, I wanted to congratulate Australian […]

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Joey’s Circle of Five!

Do you know that feeling when you want to change the world? When you want to inspire people? But you can’t even inspire yourself sometimes? That’s how I felt a while ago. I was lost. I didn’t know what to do. How to begin. How to get the energy again. Let me tell you about the months […]

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Lonneke chilling in the park


What is a fun activity to do, when the weather is nice, that doesn’t cost a lot of money? Something that is active as well, and a great time with friends? A Picnic in the park! Invite your best friends, and together go to a nice park/forest or field. Take a bike or walk, instead […]

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Delicous foods on the menu

Sandy Relief dinner with friends!

Hello all! Yesterday I hosted a last-minute “Sandy Relief/Power ON” celebration dinner party for my friends! We cooked together and made delicious foods. We talked about the past week being in NYC and shared each individual story of being in Sandy and the Black Out. All these stories are intriguing! The city has been a […]

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Beach Wijk aan Zee

Nice day at the beach with a friend

A trip to the beach can be very spontaneous! When I was in Amsterdam for work, I went to meet my friend, top model Dewi Driegen right after. We just decided to take her dogs to the beach! This beach in Wijk aan Zee is famous for kite surfing. So we saw many of these […]

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Lonneke, Maruja & Joey brainstorming

That’s what friends are for. Part 1.

O.K. This is going to be an ode to a few of my dear and best friends (and OYL contributors) who have been in my life for some time, and proof me over and over why they are the best friends in the world! Friends of Lonneke, part 1. the Netherlands edition. It is not […]

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Off day? Instant pick me ups!

We all have days that just feel off, even the most positive person on earth. Maybe you got some bad news, maybe it’s raining, maybe you feel overwhelmed by your schedule, or maybe you just woke up in a bad mood for no particular reason. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, try these things first: SMILE […]

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Inspiration Mid-Week

I came across this quote today on my best friends blog: …like a Rolling Stone ( which you have to check out as she is one of the most inspirational people I know! who also happens to have the called DaniPress which you can purchase anytime.anywhere.) She posted this today &  this was something I needed to hear […]

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Love People and Life, Not Stuff

We are ALL in love with stuff — with shopping, with acquiring, with owning, with collecting! I know it is easy to do this. But let’s lust after life instead. Our obsession with stuff has become unhealthy. When we have a void in our lives, we buy things (we have all done it!) When we have problems, […]

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The road of Life

The road of Life.

I haven’t posted anything for a long time, because I was super busy making everything behind-the-scenes of Organice Your Life® work. I hired Lisa to work full-time on the site and magazine, and I am very happy so far! In the meantime, I have done photoshoots, with lots of pictures coming out soon, I survived […]

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