Shout out for fashion entrepreneurs!

Campaign Image The Green Fashion Competition

Are you a talented fashion designer? And do you have an organiced® lifestyle and thus create beautiful designs which are socially and environmentally responsible?

Well you're in luck as the second season of The Green Fashion Competition launched during Amsterdam International Fashion Week last month with a unique ‘sneaker- installation’ by OAT shoes and great presentation by our ambassador Lonneke Engel (also featured in all of our stunning campaign imagery!).

The competition question is:
Design three outfits and write a business plan, which explains how your fashion enterprise contributes to sustaining Biodiverstiy"

The competition is aimed at entrepreneurs who can create exciting and ‘catwalk-worthy’ fashion, while sustaining our world’s biodiversity. This season we have created two categories. The second category is for recent graduates and designers who have presented less than three collections. The first category is for recognised fashion enterprises, who have presented at least three collections.

Are you, or do you know an ideal participant for competition? Please visit our website for all of the details and make sure to enrol before September 30th!

Besides a first prize of €25.000,-, a show at Amsterdam International Fashion Week, visibility in Sublime magazine and connection with the Fashion Week network,  participation within The Green Fashion Competition also provides one-on-one coaching and tailored workshops on entrepreneurship, biodiversity, innovation and technology; a complete kit for the budding (and more advanced) fashion entrepreneur.

Enrolment is possible until September 30th. We are looking forward to receiving your submission!