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Lonneke Engel - Everybody Loves Bane - Central Park by Fairest Photo


I love dogs. My dog is always part of my family. The relationship I have with my dog is one of the strongest relationships I have in my life, as that relationship is one of the reasons I am now back to being a contributing member of society after I suffered from a burnout and […]

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ASPCA logo

Support the ASPCA

One cause that is important to me, is the care of abused and neglected pets all over the world. If you live in America there is the ASPCA: the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty against Animals.  The ASPCA takes in dogs, cats, horses and other animals that need our help. Please take a moment of […]

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Beach Wijk aan Zee

Nice day at the beach with a friend

A trip to the beach can be very spontaneous! When I was in Amsterdam for work, I went to meet my friend, top model Dewi Driegen right after. We just decided to take her dogs to the beach! This beach in Wijk aan Zee is famous for kite surfing. So we saw many of these […]

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