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2017-01-30 OYL Recipe veggie pasta

Spaghetti Squash Pasta Recipe

If you crave a pasta dish, but you don’t want to go for a heavy wheat pasta, than this Spaghetti Squash pasta is a yummy alternative! Spaghetti Squash is a kind of squash that is yellow on the outside, and the inside is made out of yellow “strings” of squash. If you cut your squash […]

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stamppot 1

Stamppot: a typical Dutch dinner with a vegetarian twist

In the Netherlands, people eat a lot of mashed potatoes and different vegetables, especially in the Winter, which we call “stamppot”. It is a typical Dutch dish and  very easy to make. I think it is delicious! I am showing you a healthy and tasty version with kale that is vegetarian!  Stamppot: a typical Dutch […]

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quinoa stuffed bell peppers

quinoa stuffed bell peppers

It is a known fact I love to use the oven for cooking! So here I have another delicious recipe for you to try. I am sure you will love it! quinoa stuffed bell peppers Stuffed bell peppers from the oven are so delicious! Author: Lonneke Engel Recipe type: dinner Serves: 2 Prep time:  15 mins Cook […]

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Vegan green seitan curry

Vegan green curry

Cooking is not difficult! Today I made a delicious green vegan curry with seitan (a wheat gluten used as protein in a vegetarian diet), check it out! Green vegan seitan curry recipe A delicious vegan green curry with healthy ingredients Author: Lonneke Engel Prep time:  5 mins Cook time:  25 mins Total time:  30 mins […]

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Jamaican vegan dinner

My Jamaican vegan dinner!

I made this dinner the other day as I love Jamaican food, but I wanted a vegan twist. You need the following organic ingredients for this dish for 2 people: *1 piece of seitan sliced into pieces *2 plantains or bananas *400 grams of brown rice *1 can of black beans *coconut flakes for the […]

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vegetarian gyros

Delicious fast food recipe

This is a great dinner if you are craving something delicious but fast! First of all, I don’t like to cook for hours, so all my dishes are made in a short amount of time. Shopping list for 1 (try to buy organic and local when possible): – 1 Sweet potato, medium to large – […]

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A delicious Indonesian inspired feast!

a quick vegetarian meal!

Hello, I like to eat delicious foods, but don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen. Sounds like a dilemma? I tell you: you can do both! One dish we made the other day was vegetarian and Indonesian inspired. It took me only 20 minutes! We  took vegetarian chicken by the Vegaslager, which […]

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Delicous foods on the menu

Sandy Relief dinner with friends!

Hello all! Yesterday I hosted a last-minute “Sandy Relief/Power ON” celebration dinner party for my friends! We cooked together and made delicious foods. We talked about the past week being in NYC and shared each individual story of being in Sandy and the Black Out. All these stories are intriguing! The city has been a […]

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Steak Kebabs with Fried Rice

Steak Kebabs

I know we focus mostly on vegetarian and/or vegan foods on, but here’s a nice recipe for the Summer with meat– steak kebabs!  Of course always go for organic, humanly raised meat. These steak kebabs you can serve with fruits or green salad on the side.  Marinate chunks of steak (organic NY strip steak, […]

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Foodware Amsterdam

When I lived in Amsterdam I lived close to a great take out place called: Foodware Amsterdam. They have great dishes that they prepare everyday in the Foodware kitchen, that you can put together to make a nutritious dinner. I love the fishcakes here, that I pair with noodles and mixed beans. Also, their soups […]

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The Bamboo Steamer

I have purchased the bamboo steamer few months ago, but never used it till couple of days ago. And WOW! I love it! What a great kitchen tool! You can steam any kind of veggie. Just pick your favorite. It is so incredibly easy, fast and delicious! It literally takes 3-5 minutes to be ready […]

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Meat Free Monday Menu 1

OYL Meat Free Monday menu 1

This was my dinner yesterday, and it is a pretty good option for Meat Free Monday, or any vegetarian day in your life! I used the Vegetarische slager “gehaktbal” (Meat ball) which in the real-meat version is a very typical Dutch treat. Since I don’t eat meat, I also can’t enjoy this dish, until now! […]

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