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Coconut Water

I love coconut water! I predicted about 8 years ago in NYC that “This drink is going to be big in a few years!” And I was right. Although the USA has already grown accustomed to cooled coconut water drinks for sale close to the cash register at supermarkets , Europeans have recently discovered this […]

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Skinny Bitch books

Skinny Bitch book

 I love good books that are easy reads! Here is another one: Years ago, I mean like 8 years or so, I came across this book Skinny Bitch, and to this day I still recommend it to girls & women (and boys & men too actually). Basically it is one of my first recommendations for […]

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OYL Library: Put Your Life on a Diet by Gregory Johnson

  If you want to know what living in 140 square feet is like, read this book! I just started reading it, and I found that the writer, Gregory Johnson, has a lot of the same ideas as we have at Organice Your Life®, on living an organized life. So that’s why I would totally […]

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Glycemic Index 101

Don’t let the science jargon intimidate you- the concept is easy to understand for the purposes of choosing the right foods to eat. What is it? Glycemic Index is a carbohydrate ranking system based on a scale of 0-100.  Foods are assigned GI numbers that quantify the degree to which these carbs influence the body’s blood […]

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Going Diet

Ok this makes it official. I’m going on a DIET!! Not some fancy programs or hyped superplans. This time I’m going to eat HEALTHY! Promises I made to myself: I will… …eat low-fat, …eat no sugar, …spread my food more across the day (instead of stuffing my face two or three times a day), …never […]

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