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banana chia-seed mask

Beauty Bites ~ Stuff I Do

Hi everyone! Let’s talk about BEAUTY. Just quickly! Beauty bites!? ;) OYL is a great place to find lots & lots of ‘beauty bites’ by beautiful people! But as Miranda Kerr said in her book ‘Treasure Yourself‘ – ‘Don’t compare yourself with others’ she says…’a rose is beautiful, but so is a sunflower.’ So as you […]

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Coriander Chelation Pesto

I’ve just finished making the most easy cilantro, or ‘coriander’ as we call it, PESTO! Best thing about this recipe is that it is not only simple to make but really YUMMY. It’s also a ‘natural medicine‘ concoction which helps to remove heavy metals from the body :) BRILLIANT for anyone with high mercury levels […]

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Skin Detox with Therapeutic Living Clay Mask

Happy 2012! Wishing everyone that this year brings much happiness and joy to your life. The New Year comes, and all the Holidays and parties are over, and there is a word of “Detox” on my mind.  I assume many others are in the same frame of mind; going back to the gym more, eating […]

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Sea of Blackness… Thallasotherapy

Ever indulged in Thalassotherapy?… Big word hey! Thalassotherapy is like hydrotherapy, only it is special as it is made using mother ocean. Usually if taken at a day spa you’ll sink into sea water which has been heated, sometimes with algae, seaweeds, & perhaps clays added. Expect to pay up to $400 for a treatment […]

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