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Vintage, the Original Green

Really, you can officially call all clothing made before the 80’s “vintage”, but let’s just call all the good, quality and beautiful  but used clothing vintage! Are you with me? I hope so! Vintage is really recycling and keeping clothes from going into the landfills, so Vintage is the original Green! I always feel very […]

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fungi tree

Natures Food, Designed for Humans?

NATURE AMAZES ME. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Creation speaks loudly, if we would only listen to her voice, we might hear her heart beating closely, to that of our own. FOOD. Something we think of at least 3 times a day, often more, often without noticing it’s intricate design or thinking of it’s designer. Maybe it’s time we took […]

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Dutch Design Week

From 22 till October 30th was the tenth edition of the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. This is a week full of events and exhibitions dedicated to what’s happening in design in Europe. Approximately 1500 designers showcase their work at about 300 events on 65 locations in industrial design, graphics, textile, fashion, architecture, sustainable design and trends. There […]

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Shout out for fashion entrepreneurs!

Are you a talented fashion designer? And do you have an organiced® lifestyle and thus create beautiful designs which are socially and environmentally responsible? Well you’re in luck as the second season of The Green Fashion Competition launched during Amsterdam International Fashion Week last month with a unique ‘sneaker- installation’ by OAT shoes and great […]

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