Eating for Beauty by David Wolfe

Everybody should take the time to read a good book! I just started reading this book about "The Beauty Diet".  It is called Eating for Beauty by David Wolfe, a guide to becoming healthier and more beautiful.

Eating for Beauty David Wolfe


David Wolfe

For you who don't know who this David Wolfe is, he is an expert in the field of nutrition, especially raw food, and what he calls "Superfoods". In "Eating for Beauty" he explains his nutrition plan to achieve beauty, and it is not about restriction, but about adding in amazing super foods.

David Wolfe

Institute of Integrative Nutrition

When I went to school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC, he came as a guest speaker and was very captivating. He was like giving light almost that was how positive he was about the World and food! He believes in raw foods, as they have the most enzymes and most life in them. (that means: not heated over 120 degrees Fahrenheit). He works with pictures called Kirlian photography, that show how much energy is in each food item. What you see in this way of photographing, is rays of light in different parts of the food. When you do this with raw foods, there are more and stronger rays, then when you do it with cooked or processed foods. You have to see it to understand so click to this page for the explanation: Kirlian photography.


There are certain foods that have so many good qualities, minerals, antioxidants or other good things in them, people call them: Superfoods. David Wolfe believes eating those kind of foods helps your cells function better, which could help you become the healthiest and most beautiful you can be!

David LOVES food, raw and vegan. He says there are so many varieties and colors in plant based foods, that eating these nutritious foods are like orgasms for your

taste buds !( his words not mine!) I think he especially likes avocado, as his nickname is supposedly David "Avocado" Wolfe!

Some say he says crazy stuff, but I think he inspires people to eat healthier.

Some things he says in the book stayed with me for a while. He is absolutely right: Positivity is the way to go about food, not restricting, dieting, or being afraid of it! Your thoughts, and actions in every part of your life are connected to the way you look and feel. That's what I believe too!

Here are a few quotes I thought were very powerful:

"If you want to become beautiful, you have to become that type of person on the inside first, and then attract beauty to you. It seems to work this way in all facets of life"

"The logic of "You are what You eat" implies that those who wish to become healthier should eat the healthiest foods. Those who wish to beautify themselves should eat the most beautifying foods"

I think David Wolfe is an inspiring person. Besides Eating for Beauty he also wrote Naked Chocolate (all about chocolate) and The Sunfood Diet Success System (in which he explains more about his theory of fresh, raw and vegan (super) foods).

Love, Lonneke

David Wolfe Seminar Oct 30th, 2011

This weekend, I took my friend Jose Derks to hear health guru David Wolfe speak in Amsterdam! It was time again to get inspired, and learn more about Superfoods! David is crazy about raw chocolate, avocados and all the other Superfoods he believes in. I saw him speak the first time when he came to my then-school at Integrative Nutrition in New York City. I thought he was one of the most exciting speakers! This Sunday, he was also here to promote his book "Eating for Beauty" that was published in dutch!

David Wolfe Seminar

The event was sold out (!) so about 600 people of all shapes and colors, were sitting together listening to David speak for 5 hours. Actually we left before he finished, because we had to drive back home for 1.5. hours. He is known to go on with his speaking, if he really gets into it, which is amazing because I love exciting speakers! But my mind was overloaded with So much good information, I am sure more information my brain would have not registered anyway I think?

I personally  learnt the most about superfood mushrooms: Chaga Mushroomand Reishi mushroom. Read more about David and his story on Chaga mushroom and Reishi Mushroom. He also spoke about many other herbs, supplements, from raw chocolate to phytoplankton.

Raw food & product stands

At the entrance, there were many vendors with all kinds of raw foods, books, and even a trampoline sales man (woohoo for trampolines!) So Jose stocked up on Maca, raw cocoa nibs & chia seeds (Valentina has a great recipe with chia and you can find it here.) I just bought... lots of raw chocolate! David said that chocolate keeps you healthy, and hey, anything that is a reason to eat chocolate I gladly accept! I will talk about the chocolates later on, so come back to this post sometime soon!

Don't forget to check out David Wolfe's Website!

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