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All ingredients used on the Brocolis/ Corn soup

Warm it up your winter with SOUPS!!

Hey guys! I’m back after a looong time after hurricane Sandy damages … There was a time when I did take electricity and warm water for granted. Not anymore, lesson learned. But these are subjects for a whole new post, gonna let you all know how I handled things. Now I wanna share with you […]

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Brasilian Carol & hair dresser Marco Antonio

As a model you need to take care of your hair!

Hello Guys! So happy to be sharing my first post to you all! As a model I get to work a lot for hair campaigns ( I’ve been blonde, light brown, dark brown, reddish…)  – so I take extra care about it in my daily routine. We heard a lot about homemade hair care… many […]

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Model skincare: My simple Beauty regime

The more I learn about nutrition and beauty, The more I come to understand that the secret to looking radiant is TO DO MORE INTERNALLY THEN EXTERNALLY! Meaning, eat plenty of fresh  fruits and vegetables, make your daily meals  at least 80% or more raw – less cooking, boiling, heating, microwaving, frying your food, –drink more water, take […]

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