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My top 10 charities to give to this year!

If you don’t know to which charities you should give money to at the end of 2013, here is my top 10 list of 2013/2014. Charities that, some big and some small, give focused help. Therefore you get more “use” out of the money you spend on these charities. While there are many organizations that […]

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Organice your Good Heart: The Heart of Fashion

I’ve spent a lot of time asking myself what’s the best way to do something that really helps the ones in need. Every year, when the month of December comes, I want to make even more of what we’ve been doing all year around… Back in 2007, couple of my dearest friends had the amazing […]

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Support the ASPCA

One cause that is important to me, is the care of abused and neglected pets all over the world. If you live in America there is the ASPCA: the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty against Animals.  The ASPCA takes in dogs, cats, horses and other animals that need our help. Please take a moment of […]

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5 tips for a Good Heart

Everyone wants to do something Good for others once a while. You can give money to a charitable cause, or volunteer. You can just give away things you don’t need to others who can use it very well. There are so many things, big and small, easy or difficult, you can do for others. Doing […]

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Corey Stanford

Interview with Corey Stanford, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of

Corey Stanford, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of, tells us about his successful online-based platform, which links the general public to established industry experts and celebrity talent, his healthy and green lifestyle, and his favorite charities. So tell us about your company. Blazetrak is an online-based platform that provides video access to the world’s top professionals […]

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Operation Smile Ball 2012

  Yesterday OYL contributor & Singer/songwriter Antoniette Costa and myself joined the Trump & Hearst family to support Operation Smile at their 10 year anniversary event at Cipriani Downtown, NYC. My lovely agents Peter & Emerson from IMG arranged a few beautiful dresses I could pick from, I asked my Instagram/Twitter followers which one to pick, and […]

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The Art of Giving and Getting Back

It’s tax time!  I hope that in the last calendar year you contributed to a charity in some way, shape or form.  If not, start contributing now for next year’s tax return. The Art of Giving and Getting Back – Making Smart Choices and Being Organize If you are contemplating making a charitable contribution, make […]

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Beau Young: Peace be with you.

Beau Young >> The name conjures up a gorgeous image which inspires me! It’s one of my favourite Aussie surfer, poised on the nose of his 9.4 surfboard, five toes over, left leg bent behind him from the knee with foot raised behind him, arms outstretched – ‘crucifix five.‘ How is it that I was […]

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KOMERA PROJECT Event with Kate

KOMERA PROJECT Fund raising night Hello- everyone, I am a freelance makeup artist who works in the Fashion and Beauty industry.  I have been a contributor to the OYL Magazine for the past few issues and I’m really excited to be a contributor on the website now! You will hear from me with everything regarding […]

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Upcoming Charity Events October 2011

There are always charitable events happening everywhere in the world, to raise money and awareness for a variety of good causes. 2 events of my favorite charities are happening this week, and I wanted to bring it to your attention. First of all October 13th at 8pm, marks the ASPCA Young Friends Benefit, “Paw Prints” […]

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month. When it comes to this month, a lot of emotions are stirred within me. It hits home, as I lost both my precious Mother & Grandmother to this devastating disease. It literally leaves me speechless. I don’t want to ramble on about the importance of prevention and easy detection. But as women, it […]

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