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Mind Over Body: The Cortisol Effect

“THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS”  If your mental well-being is not incentive enough to practice this motto, some science may convince you that it’s at least worth an attempt for your physical appearance.  How you think may affect how you look. A positive outlook can help your body evade over-secreting stress hormones like cortisol which can take […]

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Play a game for fun and for your brain!

I find them still amazing: The old board games! The old board games especially look great. I love the design of the games of the 70’s and the 80’s. The time when internet was not used throughout the world, and families spend more time together to play games at night…. My boyfriend and I play […]

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fungi tree

Natures Food, Designed for Humans?

NATURE AMAZES ME. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Creation speaks loudly, if we would only listen to her voice, we might hear her heart beating closely, to that of our own. FOOD. Something we think of at least 3 times a day, often more, often without noticing it’s intricate design or thinking of it’s designer. Maybe it’s time we took […]

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