DIY Wedding Bouquet

You don't need to spend a lot of money on a wedding bouquet when you get married. All you need is a creative mind to make a DIY Wedding Bouquet! (DIY = Do It Yourself).

When I got married, I made my own wedding bouquet. How? I went to look for beautiful flowers all around NYC the day of our Wedding (we married at night). I found some nice cream color roses with a short stem at Whole Foods. Then I brought them home, and put them in water.

How to make your own DIY wedding bouquet

You need:

  • Your favorite flowers
  • Paper tape (Japanese masking tape/washi tape  in your favorite color, I chose Gold)
  • A nice big ribbon in the color you like
  • Other ornaments you want to incorporate in your personal wedding bouquet

Grab the flowers one by one and add them into a small bouquet. Make sure the bouquet is rounded, so the outside flowers a bit lower than the middle ones. When you like your bouquet, hold it tight, and wrap around the paper tape around the top of the stems so the bouquet is solid, about 2 inches wide from top down. Cut off the stems to the desired length below the tape. Wrap around a ribbon and make a bow big tie for the bouquet collar. You can add other ornaments around this bouquet collar that mean something to you, like your grandmother's necklace, a piece of fabric or something else you like. You can also add special bouquet jewelry between the flowers in your bouquet. I kept it simple and just added the ribbon I got once when I received a present from someone. When you are done with your bouquet, put it in water until the Big Day. Depending how fresh your flowers are, your wedding bouquet can last up to 2-3 days. (The sooner you use it, the better of course)

The total cost of my bouquet was 25 dollars. I loved that it was beautiful, and that I made it myself,  too!

Love, Lonneke

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