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Eating for Beauty David Wolfe

Eating for Beauty by David Wolfe

I just started reading this book about The Beauty Diet®. It is called Eating for Beauty by David Wolfe, a guide to becoming healthier and more beautiful! For you who don’t know who this David Wolfe is, he is an expert in the field of nutrition, especially raw food, and what he calls “Superfoods”. In “Eating for […]

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Model Chocolate recipe book by Abigail O’Neill

Is there anyone on this Earth who doesn’t love chocolate? We don’t think so! OYL contributor & Top Model Abigail O’Neill is a raw chocolatier, and superfood connoisseur, who just published her first recipe book “MODEL CHOCOLATE” with over 80 delicious & nutritious recipes. You can buy it in Ebook or hardcover, and these books […]

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5 tips for shopping in a Supermarket

Shopping for groceries is one of your most occurring activities in life. Some go every day, while others go once a week. Here are my 5 tips to keep in mind next time you go shopping in a supermarket, so you know what is going on, and how you can make healthier purchase choices and […]

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Allergy to cosmetics

I would sometimes get swollen, irritated eyes, after a photo shoot. It was extremely painful, I couldn’t work as a model because I looked like bees stung me multiple times in my eyelids. Not one cream would soothe the irritation, they would actually all hurt. The only thing that worked was a fresh Cucumber. Slice […]

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Cover Food is Your Best Medicine

OYL Library: Food Is Your Best Medicine by Henry G. Bieler, M.D.

I love this book that I always recommend to people. It was first published in 1965, but it is still very up to date! Doctor Henry G. Bieler describes in this book, his journey from being a doctor who prescribed medication to his patients, to a doctor who looks at a persons diet and making […]

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OYL Library: Put Your Life on a Diet by Gregory Johnson

  If you want to know what living in 140 square feet is like, read this book! I just started reading it, and I found that the writer, Gregory Johnson, has a lot of the same ideas as we have at Organice Your Life®, on living an organized life. So that’s why I would totally […]

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Music and the brain

If this is not proof that music is a powerful thing… Just like smells, sounds can bring back very distant memories and evoke deep emotions. For more stories and information on how music affects the brain, read one of my all time fav books: ‘Musicophilia’ by Oliver Sacks!

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