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veggie burger

How I make the perfect veggie burger

Making the perfect veggie burger is all about good ingredients, the right cooking and the right stacking. let’s start to see how I make my perfect burger! There are 2 ways to make a veggie burger: to make the veggie patty from scratch, which is of course the best, but takes a lot of time, […]

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tropical vegan fruit dessert

Tropical vegan fruit dessert

When I am in the Netherlands with my husband, one thing we love is having dinner with his family! My Mother-in-Law Marlies makes the most beautiful and best-tasting dishes. She is a true top chef. This one was my favorite dessert ever, I HAD to have the recipe for this tropical vegan fruit dessert! So I […]

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grilled tempeh, green asparagus & avocado salad

My original recipe for a delicious healthy & vegetarian salad: Ingredients: -Little gem lettuce (or any kind of lettuce you like) – Green asparagus – Sprouts – Avocado – Dried cranberries – Tempeh – Tamari (or soy sauce) – Mirin – Honey – Sesame oil – Salt Instructions: – Wash the lettuce and put on […]

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A delicious Indonesian inspired feast!

a quick vegetarian meal!

Hello, I like to eat delicious foods, but don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen. Sounds like a dilemma? I tell you: you can do both! One dish we made the other day was vegetarian and Indonesian inspired. It took me only 20 minutes! We  took vegetarian chicken by the Vegaslager, which […]

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Super Snack - Avocado on bread

My Favorite Snack: Avocado on bread!

When I get hungry, and need to eat something healthy fast, I make Avocado on Wasa Crackers or a slice of roasted multigrain bread. It is so easy and tasty! I got this idea a little bit from one of my favorite restaurants in NYC: Cafe Gitane. There they serve a slice of Multigrain bread, […]

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Grilled vegetables & farro salad

Salad making for dummies

What do you need for a good salad? 1. Pick a kind of lettuce as a base, I prefer organic. Romaine, watercress or mix different lettuces up. 2. Pick 1, 2 or more vegetables that you add raw or grilled. Like cucumber, tomatoes, grilled mushrooms, red peppers, onions. 3. Add a protein. If you go […]

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My healthy food traveling supplies

My healthy raw food traveling supplies

Hi everyone, Since I am a raw foodie people always ask me what I do when I am away from home. So I wanted to share with everyone my traveling food essentials. Whenever I leave for a job or even go on vacation I make sure I buy a few hard and ripe avocado’s and […]

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Lonneke doing 1 day cleanse

1 day juice cleanse

Today I did a one day juice cleanse. I had a bit hangover from just drinking 2 bellinis at the Operation Smile gala 2 days ago. So when you don’t feel so great, what do you do? Exactly you take care of yourself! Eating really healthy is your own medicine. As there is an Organic […]

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Smoothie For Breakfast

Hello, lovely OYL readers! Today I want to share a smoothie that I like to have for breakfast. It contains fruits – for vitamins, leafy greens – for minerals and avocado – for fat (natural, high quality plant-based fat), which is a key ingredient for beautiful, glowing skin. INGREDIENTS 1 peeled orange 1/2 pineapple 1/2 […]

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Carrot Soup Recipe

Hi!!! Its been long time since I post a nice recipe for a blended raw soup. So, today I have something very special to share with you. If you still not sure about raw blended soups, try this one! Its a creamy carrot soup with avocado! So delicious and healthy! And let me tell you, […]

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Lycopene and Yellow Tomatoes

Lycopene is known for its many health benefits. It has been correlated to reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease and macular degenerative disease. But a common misconception is that lycopene is associated with the red pigment of tomatoes.  However, yellow tomatoes also contain lycopene and recent studies such as one published in the International […]

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Guatemala Fruits

Guatemala Fruits

HI EVERYONE!! I just got back from an amazing 2 week vacation, first  a week in TEXAS (yeehah!) visiting my boyfriends family. Then we went to GUATEMALA to visit my grandma who has lived there for 33 years now. I wanted to share some pictures of the amazing fruit and avocado (which im not sure […]

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