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Eating Your Water

With the temperatures heating up in New York City, it is vital to get the right amount of water in daily, as we consist of 60% H20 relative to our weight! So not only should we drink up, but we should also eat up! I know it can be hard to get the recommended ‘8 […]

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banana chia-seed mask

Beauty Bites ~ Stuff I Do

Hi everyone! Let’s talk about BEAUTY. Just quickly! Beauty bites!? ;) OYL is a great place to find lots & lots of ‘beauty bites’ by beautiful people! But as Miranda Kerr said in her book ‘Treasure Yourself‘ – ‘Don’t compare yourself with others’ she says…’a rose is beautiful, but so is a sunflower.’ So as you […]

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Weird & Wonderful ~ Seaweed

Seaweed is excellent for EVERYTHING. Seriously. Check out some of the nutritional benefits: *Nori has twice as much Vitamin C as oranges, packed with beta-carotene like carrots, rich in calcium for your bones, iodine and iron for thyroid, and are great in making sushi. *Arame is laden with macro minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium and iodine. *Kelp […]

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Forever Young

I LOVE NATURE. I like to immerse myself in it entirely so that the refreshing benefits endure as long as possible. SO….we went on a this super-refreshing adrenaline-rush adventure with some friends (& their one year old baby boy) last weekend. A rock-hopping, cliff-leaping adventure! We saw the most exquisite blue dragonflies!! I wish I’d got a clearer […]

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