One cause that is important to me, is the care of abused and neglected pets all over the world. If you live in America there is the ASPCA: the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty against Animals. 


The ASPCA takes in dogs, cats, horses and other animals that need our help. Please take a moment of your time and go to their website, to read one of the stories of the animals they care for.

And hopefully you want to support them by thinking of them next time you want to add a pet to your family. They have amazing dogs, cats and horses that can be adopted once they have passed the vet check.

Every rescue and treatment is paid for with donations. I have seen what they do with the money with my own eyes. It is put where it is needed the most: The animals.

The ASPCA NYC organizes many fun events to raise even more awareness and money for the animals.

Lonneke at an ASPCA event


With donations, they were able to upgrade their facility in the upper West side in NYC a few years ago. The dogs and cats have now bigger more open rooms and spaces to play together. It truly looks like an animal heaven.

Adopt don’t shop

Unfortunately a lot of people still think of animals as just an “accessory” or “thing” and still a lot of animals are neglected or abused. We can all help to stop this, keep an eye out in your neighborhood to animal abuse, and notify your local animal rescue organization. You can also donate money; every little generous gift counts. As well as your time: You can even apply to become a volunteer! There is a lot to do, Every animal needs care, time, and cuddles!

UPDATE October 16th 2019: The ASPCA, together with the NYPD Paws cruelty investigation busted a dog fighting operation in New York City. Thirty dogs were saved and I hope they will be rehabilitated and adopted out to loving homes!

Love, Lonneke

First published on July 19th 2013, Updated in 2019