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super power smoothie

Hey!! How’s everyone! :) I’m rushing out the door with one of my delicious smoothies in hand and a list from here (Australia) to NY, well maybe not quite that long, but there’s a lot to do today! Here’s a fresh and fruity a variation of my Model Chocolate Super power smoothie. You may have seen some of my smoothie breakfasts popping up on Instagram. Today I opted for the greens, berries, kiwi and banana with chia seeds and cacao nibs – they’re on top so you can’t see them in the picture! I also added some probiotic powder and extra water to the coconut water and pulp.

101 Ways Model Chocolate #Supersmoothie

1 green coconut, water & pulp(if you can’t find a fresh one, use coconut water in a package- tip from Organice Your Life®)

1 cup frozen strawberries, blueberries or any berries!

1 tablespoon or less chia seeds

1 tablespoon raw cacao nibs

Optional Extras
2 teaspoons acai, maqui powder or small handful goji berries
2 brazil nuts + gel of 1 medium aloe stalk
1 tablespoon rice protein, or hemp protein powder, will change the flavour
1 teaspoon barley green, spirulina, or 1 handful of baby spinach leaves
1 teaspoon maca, mesquite or lucuma powder
Frozen banana/mango chunks or raw honey, if you want it sweet
Pineapple or kiwi fruit, passionfruit
2 teaspoons bee pollen + ½ teaspoon probiotic powder
Extra water if needed

BLEND altogether until smooth. This smoothie is true power food. Just experiment to get it how you like it or need it on the day. Energising, beautifying, superfoods! Addiction plus. Sometimes I want it creamy not fruity and I’ll use my 100% raw Supergorgeous Almond Mylk (in the book) as the base and no tart fruits adding raw cacao powder as well! Mmmm!


Enjoy playing with options or creating a few more! Love for your day xxx Abigail

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One Response to super power smoothie

  1. christophe March 19, 2013 at 11:27 am #

    Hello Abigail,
    Thank you very much for your supersmoothie.
    Wowww, a green smoothie with chocolate, I love that !
    For all addicted to chocolate, smoothies, Almond Mylk… , I highly recommend the ebook Abigail , so amazzzzzing !!
    Thank you again Abigail.

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