Top Make up artist and Founder of Mun skincare Munemi Imai is sharing with Organice Your Life® her organic beauty and skincare secrets. Today she explains how sunscreen works and why it is important to stay protected from the Sun.


Always protect your skin from the Sun with a sunscreen. Sunlight contains two types of UV rays: UVA and UVB: B is the good kind which you want lots and lots of, because it helps you create Vitamin D. And A is the bad kind because it penetrates your skin and can create skin damage, aging and could even result in skin cancer! So good protection is vital.

Mineral and chemical filters

There are two types of filters used in sunscreen: Mineral or chemical filters.

Mineral filters create a reflective layer on your skin with Zinc-oxide or Titanium-dioxide particles. It reflects the sunlight to not reach the skin. Benefit of this is that in high concentrations they can block the sunlight totally, it is not absorbed by the skin and therefore has less chance of creating allergic reactions and are photo stable. (it works all day without loss of protection) Less positive is that they leave a white layer on your skin, they are thicker, greasier and harder to smear. Also they can block your pores. So this type of sunblock is less appropriate for dark skin types and greasy or break-out skin types.

A chemical filter works quite differently. It penetrates the skin and absorbs the UV rays there. It doesn’t create a white layer on your skin and can be used in lighter creams, sprays or oils. That’s why they are a better option for greasier skin types and are often used in day creams. Less positive is that they usually don’t block all UVA rays and most of them are not photostable, so re-applying is a must!


What to use on a beach vacation

When I go on a beach vacation I make sure I use the mineral type of filter at least at the start of the vacation. I think it is easy because you only have to apply once, and you are sure you are protected all day long. But creating a nice tan, using this one, doesn’t work that well for me. So usually after a few days I switch to a different one with a chemical filter, when I feel that my skin has had time to adjust to the sunlight. But then I really have to be careful not to get sunburned. I also make sure I am not in the Sun between the hours 12-3pm when the Sun is the highest and has the strongest sunlight.


Choosing a good sunscreen

Most sunscreens have both types of filters at the same time. Just check the label or ingredients so you are sure you know which type of filter you are using.  It is important to know exactly what you put on your skin, some brands add other chemicals in their sunscreen that are harmful to the skin. There are ones with organic ingredients on the market too. Find one that doesn’t irritate your skin, and that has a good SPF. (The Sun Protection Factor. the higher the SPF, the more time you can stay in the Sun protected).


Good luck protecting your skin!


Love, Munemi 


First published on May 24th 2010, Updated in 2019


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