In my transition from psychologist to superstar I have come across a TON of challenges.  Some are tremendously boring, like administration (although i do get a nerdy feeling of satisfaction when I’m done with it, or – oh, who am I kidding – when I even so much as hold a stapler).  Others are incredibly fun, like the challenge of finding a unique style and look. But…fun as it may be…it is freaking difficult!

When I discussed it with the manager and A&R manager (both guys, what the hell was I thinking?) they merely said: Just be yourself. Myself. Ok. Well, I love fashion, but what is typically me? And with that I mean: typically me that will make me a style icon!

So let’s analyze: what do I think is important?  One thing I personally believe in with all my heart: you should have a sense of humour about fashion. Don’t take it too seriously; have fun with it!  But know how to channel that humour… One of my good friends was complaining that she couldn’t wear her favourite pink blazer to work (she’s a lawyer).  As much as I hated that as well, I had to admit that wearing pink blazers (and glitter stars on her shirt) was kind of sending the message that she was a little girl and not the highly intelligent woman that she is.

What else? I really like a lot of styles, which means sometimes I’m casual, other times femme fatale, sometimes business woman, other times super-girlie, you name it. It’s all me, but it might be a little confusing for my audience if I present myself as a rock chick one day, and as a hippie the next.

So, as much as I love authenticity, it doesn’t seem to ensure success. Actually, after some research I realized it might be better to steal something good than to come up with something bad.

We already knew that every style comes back at some point: Leggings and oversized shirts are in fact so 80’s, and the bell bottom jeans that are going to be the new trend are obviously inspired by the 70’s.

So I think I will take something that has worked in the past and adopt it as if it were MY style. Stealing? No, I prefer the term ‘style recycling’. Now, the only thing to figure out is…who to copy.

Haha, I’d better do a little more research! Looking for someone with a sexy, classy and feminine style, but with an edge. Sweet and spicy… What are your thoughts, lovely readers?

Any suggestions? How would you describe your personal style? Who are your style icons?

XOXO Maruja